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    Movement Pushes 'Faithless Electors' To Vote Trump In Electoral College

    December 13, 2020
    Movement Pushes 'Faithless Electors' To Vote Trump In Electoral College
    Electoral map from the US election of 1976, main candidates being Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford

    A movement is underway to encourage 'faithless' electors who believe Trump won the election to vote for President Trump in the upcoming electoral college vote. Below is from a representative of the effort.


    Monday, the Electoral College meets. As you know the Electoral College is a body of electors established by the United States Constitution, which forms every four years for the sole purpose of electing the President and Vice President.

    There are 538 electors, and an absolute majority of at least 270 electoral votes is required to win the election.

    The 2020 election, clearly rigged in favor of Joe Biden by vote-weighted machines, ballot dumps, unconstitutional mail-in voting, massive voter suppression, and voter irregularities, caused an outrageous fraud to be perpetrated upon the American people.

    Electors are NOT REQUIRED to cast their vote consistent with the state outcome.

    Electors may actually choose instead to support the Constitution, support law over the fraud, and despite the state outcome, patriotic Electors in every battleground state should cast their vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

    Patriotic Electors across the nation are already pledged to take a stand…join them! Those pledges are in double digit numbers across the battle grounds.

    The specific names of the electors and these states (especially the battleground states) are being protected.



    CDM Staff

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    biden is a THIEF

    never happen. they are just as cowardly as the SCOTUS and state legislatures.

    mondo cane

    The "resisters" in the Electoral College are the only hope we have to overturn the fraudulent votes counted in this past election.

    It's not well known, but the laws governing the electors sent by the states say that these electors are not required to vote the same way their state's citizens voted.

    I hope they are honest and can see through the fraud of the past election. That's the best anyone can hope for.

    And that's amazing in America in the 21st Century.


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