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    MAGA Blood Libel: Why Are They Hiding The Medical Report?

    February 11, 2021
    MAGA Blood Libel: Why Are They Hiding The Medical Report?

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    Last week, CNN was tactically baffled by a simple question that grows stranger by the day: Why are investigators struggling to build a murder case in the death of US Capitol Police Officer Sicknick?

    The stakes are high: Officer Sicknick’s death is the only purported death by a largely tourist crowd that was let into the building by policestayed inside the velvet ropes, seemed at least partly there out of confusion, for social media clout, or just for the memes, and that even the New York Times conceded caused limited property damage.

    That’s a far cry from murder. Yet MAGA is being blood libeled with a felony murder charge in the court of public opinion and at Donald Trump’s impeachment, while potentially exculpatory evidence is silenced or sealed. As the Washington Uniparty mulls domestic terror laws over a MAGA Bloodbath, it increasingly looks like MAGA may have been Bloodbathed. Time is of the essence for the Feds to release all evidence, damn the guilty, or the clear the MAGA movement of these serious allegations...

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    Communism is worse than evil. Communism is infinite evil. There are two realms on earth, the base, animal awareness of our appetite-driven, ancient man (ADAM) and human consciousness arising from the nuclear, mommy-daddy-me family that housebreaks, civlizes, and instills traditional, Judeo-Christian, family values to upend the stronger animal side of our dual, animal-human nature. Thus there are only two powers in the world the juvenile proletariat and mom and pop bourgeois, the latter always fleeing the collectivist youth who gain political power before the acquire common sense based upon informed wisdom.


    Moreover, we are all preyed upon by the New Priesthood of our health and social service systems, who follow the very bad advice of Sigmund Freud and Aldous Huxley whose combined efforts produced the disease concept of irresponsibility, whereby "I," am responsible for nothing because I am only an animal specimen following the biological determinism (dialectical materialism) encoded in my DNA. Every tiny error or misdeed is traced to an external microsource, all falling under the general category of the disease concept of immorality and disloyalty to the human family of representative government.Our health and social service systems are governed by the recovery group movement that has created a supply side drug control policy that feeds cartels and international conflict, rather than a demand side solution whereby one would naturally lose his right to consume alcohol and feelgood drugs once shown to be unable to handle his liquor or maintain responsible adulthood as a part time pothead. We have strayed far from the path of Western civilization, so that now we are fulfilling Bolshevik and Stalinist prophecies that we shall be buried under mountains of corpses of those who acquiesced to the cultural Marxism, e.g., Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, based upon the predatory mindset of Hegel and other European communists. Trump was the answer to our prayers, but apparently he was in the dark about the deep communist state that is well prepared by the red thread of the communist underground erroneously called the Deep State. Grrrrrr. Geeez! Godammit!


    American Voice Reconciliation Trust (AVRT) is a technique of getting people to actively change their minds and help others change their minds about left/right politics, primarily by focusing upon our risen survival needs for the culture of the human spirit that is kindled only in the mommy-daddy-me family trinity. If we glorify motherhood, we can all measure the goodness of the human family by the heartfelt moods about the good and bad of childhood, each emphazising early values enabling (EVE) that supercede the Marxist call of the wild. Defense of one's beloved family against the comrades of communist domination releases more defensive energy than all the predators of nature since the Big Bang. We shall love our little, feral, juvenile proletarians by telling them the truth about the dual, animal-human nature, nowhere made more clear than in the Christian paradigm where our original, animal (sinful) nature is cancelled by our martyred Christ, turning our pointing finger of blame toward ourselves, based upon the inversion of law of the jungle into traditional family values based upon His symbolic sacrifice as the last blood sacrifice to appease the irritable, wrathful God of the Old Testament. Western civilization shall win the greatest war of all time, the eternal war between the animal and human sides of human nature. There, it's done. Thank you!


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