• BREAKING: Michigan Senate Majority Caught On Secret Recording Saying Capitol Hill Riot Was A Hoax, Pre-Planned, And McConnell Involved

    February 13, 2021

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    (h/t Gateway Pundit)

    Michigan State Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey was caught on secret camera declaring the Jan 6 'riot' at the Capitol was a hoax, was pre-planned, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was involved. They wanted to impeach Trump a second time. McConnell acted for 'Pelosi and Schumer'.

    The video was posted on YouTube by Hillsdale County Republican Party Secretary Jon Smith, who is upset with Shirkey for repeatedly caving to Democrats.

    “That’s been a hoax from day one, that was all pre-arranged,” Shirkey adds, asserting that the people “went in on separate buses, that was all arranged by somebody that was funding everyone.”

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    David R Elias

    Treason is a Hanging CRIME

    Rachel Cunningham

    We ELECTROCUTED the ROSENBERGS FOR LESS THAN THIS... If this doesn't start massive arrests, nothing will.


    I have NEVER trusted McConnell, who is a BIG Creature in the D. C. Cesspool of Corruption and that Slimy, Smelly Swamp of Deep State Critters JUST like McConnell. He is married to a Chinese woman, and her family's BUSINESS
    of Shipping in China....so he's part of the MILLIONS that comes HIS/Wife's way Via China. He's mentioned as an "after thought" HOW the Dems can STILL use tactics to Shut Down Trump.....McConnell(Turtle Face) is a Direct Connection to China, and he is NOT going to allow Trump to continue to "Show It to America".......McConnell is a Traitor to the GOP Party, and doesn't realize that the PEOPLE who voted for POTUS TRUMP, will do so AGAIN....and Mush Mouth McC. will be G O N E!

    Fed up

    Yep even those of us who have not bothered with politics in the last 20 to 30 years have awoke to the steamy swamp and have seen the light and the dark Çoruption of the old lifers in our houses , time to drain and impolite the waters of our government. We will be soldiers for the new party of DJT GOP.and help clean the swamp of career rapists of the people

    Eric Thatcher


    Dawn Payne

    553joz Totally agree, his signature is all over this. Trump's so called gentlemen's agreement with McCarthy and Lindsey and they try to trap Trump. By that time, they weren't even addressing the article of impeachment. The Swamp list is still quite long. If you keep on digging you will find the CCP in this.


    With RINOs like this, who needs treasonous Democrats!

    greg johnson

    mitch is a traitor to both his country and to all humanity. he must be made to face justice!


    With all due respect, you have to have more than an assertion. I've been saying that too, since Jan. 6 and I'm nobody. Show me the PROOF.

    Roy B Blizzard

    Tomato...Tamata...RINO GOP...Democrat!


    Mitch McConnell is a RINO, deep state operative in the hierarchy of Government. Snake forked tongue!! President Trump's still my President!! The U.S.A's under attack from every angle and purview!! The whole damned Global Cabal, foreign and domestic enemies deserve dirt naps. Prayers for all of us, Amen. WWG1WGA!!


    Ditch Mitch.

    Dick & Kathy Bowen

    The GOP is a morally bankrupt organization. We have supported the GOP for years, but after recent allegations we would not give them a dime, and we have no intention of voting for a member of the GOP ever again. WE NEED A NEW PARTY, that believes in the Constitution, election integrity, a smaller government, immigration laws, energy independence, free speech, and 2nd amendment rights. Someone, please get serious about replacing the GOP with a new party that can embrace the values that made this Country great.


    it would be nice to have a new party but their are so many GOP voters i don't think they would trust that all Gop voters would switch also all these gop newbe's would say OH YES I'M PART OF THE PATRIOT PARTY JUST SAY THEN JUST GO RIGHT BACK TO THE GOP AGENDAS I SAY THEY MUST PROVE BEYOND A SHADOW OF DOUBT WHO AND WHICH PARTY THEY ARE PART OF PROBLEM IS I DON'T SEE HOW THIS CAN BE DONE IF ANYBODY HAS ANY IDEAS PLEASE LET ME KNOW


    As much as I am disgusted with Mitch, I'm not buying into this article just yet. I fell down too many rabbit hole conspiracies during the fight to prove voter fraud, and promisesTrump will definitely be sworn in on January 20th. So I'm not biting this time. Sounds like another rabbit hole to me... Wake me when this is over so we can move on, retake the republican party and get Donald J. Trump back in the White House in 2024.....

    Vic Anderson

    This guy allowedcomment image to be certified !


    What happened to the investigation into McConnell's wife, Elaine Chao, Trump Transportation Secretary ? Blackmail ?


    Sorry you put cardboard over the windows cause your all hype up? yeah and no republicans to monitor vote integrity?

    Carol Shelton

    Check out DuckDuckGo platform for Gitmo tribunals, arrests, executions, and house arrests—thousands already there.


    It's amazing that Trump was able to get so much good done in the wake of all that evil.

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