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War Room Pandemic Saturday Show Recap 2/20

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Dr. Peter Navarro breaks down the new Biden Amnesty Bill and what the future may hold for America. Our guest is: Dr. Peter Navarro.

Steve takes us on a religious journey into what the future might hold for Christianity. We hear the opinions and comments of everyone from pastors to movie producers. Our guests are: Cheryl Chumley, Andrew Torba, Jason Jones, Bishop Shine, Pastor Francisco Vega.

Pastor Vega on the rise of “Christophobia”.

Dr. Peter Navarro: With a near certain 2022 GOP House majority, winning with candidates in McConnell/McCarthy mode will not advance the Trump Agenda.

President Trump’s vetting is essential.

Sen. Lindsey Graham has never given Trump any good advice, is poison.

“President Xi Jinping’s biggest single fear is evangelical Christianity; the prairie fire that can spread through the living gospel of Christ in China.

The leadership of Christianity in the 21st century will come through the freedom of the Chinese people.”

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