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War Room Pandemic Morning Show Recap 2/23

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Eric Greitens co-hosts, we discuss with Jonathan the aggressive push for childhood gender development, and finally we hear from John Fredericks and a sneak peak of what we can hear from Trump at CPAC. Our guests are: Eric Greitens, Jonathan Schweppe, John Fredericks.

Eric Greitens co-hosts, we discuss with Sam Faddis the killing of the republic and Trump as Tiberius Gracchus. Then we go to the grassroots initiatives of Dan Schultz and precinct committeeman Joe Chesney. Our guests are: Eric Greitens, Sam Faddis, Dan Schultz, Joseph Chesney.

“Act 77 should have already been repealed. We need new blood.”

“We the humanists want human ballot counts; the transhumanists on the Left want machine counts.”

“We need to call Georgia legislators and demand action on election fraud, put people on the record.”

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