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War Room Pandemic Morning Show Recap 2/24

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European member of parliament Jerome Riviere joins the show as co-host and explains how lockdowns are slowly killing the spirit of the French people. Our guests are: Jerome Riviere, John Fredericks, Boris Epshteyn, Natalie Winters.

Natalie Winters, explains how she and the National Pulse are filling the void in the mainstream compromised press to expose how the CCP has “gotten their hook into every aspect of American society.” Our guests are: Natalie Winters, Ben Bergquam, Beth Stelzer.

Ben Bergquam live from the border: When you don’t have any barriers, it’s easy for illegal migrants to cross; cartels send drug runners straight into America.

“He’s opening the borders but he ain’t opening the schools.”

Jerome Riviere: Marine Le Pen would win if French elections were held today.

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