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War Room Pandemic Tuesday Recap 3/23

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“The Roman Empire when it fell it fell because the Visigoths and the vandals literally walked in,” Prince warns. “Today with air travel, the Taliban, al Qaeda or whatever terrorist element can get to the United States within 14 hours.” Our guests are: Erik Prince, Ernie Preate, Michael Yon, Jeff Brain.

Raheem Kassam reveals breaking news on the Boulder shooting suspect Ahmad Al-Issa. Kassam archived his deleted Facebook page, which shows anti-Trump posts, and avid reading of the Washington Post. Our guests are: Erik Prince, Dr. Betsy McCaughey, Dan Schultz.

“Are we going to hear from Don Lemon tonight, it’s time to stop anti-white hatred?” Our guests are: Michael Yon, Dr. Carol Swain.

Kassam: Boulder Shooting Appears to be ‘ISIS-Inspired’.

 Dan Schultz returns to War Room for an update on the Precinct Project, and his strategy to retake the Republican Party.

Betsy McCaughey reveals why the border crisis is coming to a school near you.

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