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War Room Pandemic Wednesday Show Recap 3/24

 “This an Obama do over,” said Raheem Kassam. Biden’s so-called “new deal” is every radical policy Obama couldn’t get done the first time. Our guests are: Eric Greitens, Dave Brat, Michele Bachmann.

“This is a hit on America,” he said. “They steal the election, they give us the pandemic, and here comes open borders. This is all part of the globalist thing.” Our guests are: Eric Greitens, David Rodriguez, Craig Sawyer, Clarice Schillinger.

“The cartels are sending these people all over the country,” Avila said. “They are transporting people all over the United States into our neighborhoods.” Our guests are: Christy Hutcherson, Ben Bergquam, Victor Avila, Todd Bensman, Dr. Peter Navarro, Boris Epshteyn.

“Our children are the most vulnerable of our communities. We’re neglecting them and their education. What will our future look like without education for our kids?”

My mission is to alert the populist. The worst thing that could happen for any covert operation is to be compromised. I am out to compromise the enemy’s mission and rip the lid off the secrecy that child traffickers are enjoying.

Dave Brat, dean of Liberty University’s school of business, explains how the real economy is a “corpse,” just laying there as trillions get pumped in.

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