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War Room Pandemic Wednesday Recap 3/25

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“People who are making these decisions comfortably cocooned in an office don’t suffer the downsides to their decisions,” Ramaswamy said. “People on the front lines bear the brunt of these decisions.” Our guests are: Natalie Winters, Dave Ramaswamy, Victor Avila, Todd Bensman, Jessica Rivera.

Natalie Winters reveals how Peter Daszak not only was complicit in the taxpayer-funded Wuhan research that “helped engineer the door into the human body” for covid-19. He also got a $750,000 PPP loan. Our guests are: Natalie Winters, Dave Ramaswamy, Dr. Yan, Sean Feucht.

“He’s crumbling before our eyes,” Beattie said. “He can’t string together sentences. He’s clearly just a figurehead.” Our guests are: Darren Beattie, Boris Epshteyn, Bianca Gracia, Todd Bensman, Dr. Peter Navarro.

Steve Bannon, along with Boris and Peter, expose Biden after his Press Conference.

Latinos For Trump Blasts Biden’s ‘Complete Lies’ at Presser.

Stephen K. Bannon blasts WHO researcher Peter Daszak for the “blood on his hands” with his work with the Wuhan lab.

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