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War Room Pandemic Friday Recap 3/26

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“I think during this term there’s a substantial risk that Kamala Harris is going to take over the reins,” Brooks said. “It’s becoming quite clear that the loss of his mental acuity is becoming worse and worse.” Our guests are: John Fredericks, Mo Brooks.

 “It’s pure sophistry, dishonesty, God knows what, for the media to swallow this lie mainly from this guy Peter Daszak,” Devine said. Our guests are: Natalie Winters, Miranda Devine, Rudy Giuliani, Ben Bergquam, Christie Hutcherson.

“Now I know where you’ve been hiding,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “You’ve been in the editing room.” Our guests are: Natalie Winters, Mike Lindell.

Mike Lindell: Dominion Whistleblowers Have Come to Him Exposing Fraud.

Mike Lindell Releasing Second Documentary Proving China Election Interference.

Mike Lindell joins the War Room to preview Frank, a free speech social media platform to compete with Facebook and Twitter.

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