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    Byrne: America Will Know The Truth Within Two Months...It's Possible Trump Could Be Back In Office

    March 30, 2021
    Image by SportsGuy789

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    CDMedia spoke with former Overstock.com CEO, and all-around election-fraud fighter, Patrick Byrne last night and he revealed some shocking news.

    Byrne has been leading a cyber investigative team, along with other well-known patriots, to combat the coup that was perpetrated on America during last year's general election, where the illegitimate Biden administration was installed in The White House.

    Byrne revealed that within a few weeks, two months at the outset, America, and the world for that matter, will know the truth of what happened during the massive election fraud on Nov 3rd, 2020.

    "We have irrefutable proof. It is shocking what happened, and who was involved. The information will all come out, over the next few weeks.

    "No one will be able to say this is not true."

    When asked if the comments by Mike Lindell were valid, that President Trump will be back in office by August, Byrne said, "Well, that's Lindell being Lindell. However, this information is so earth-shattering, that yes, it is possible Trump could be back in The White House by the Fall.

    "We will reveal the truth. The remedy is up to the American people."

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    We all have been hearing this from multiple sources for months now. So frankly it is time to the heck up or shut the heck up. I am tired of false hope and click bait.


    Thank you for your comment. If you know anything about CDMedia, you'll know we usually are spot on. I would give it a few weeks.


    The US will be ruined by fall - it has been almost five months since the election - more than enough time to either devote or figure it out. If we have it all, put up or shut up. We the people have had enough!

    Janet Hennessey

    Pat Byrne is the real deal.


    Twin1by4: When we hear comments like this, we always ask...what are you personally doing? Are you still on Facebook, Twitter, Google? Are you still shopping at Walmart, Amazon? Are you still watching Fox? Have you signed up to be a GOP precinct rep? Have you organized a local group? It starts at home, don't wait on others to do it for you.


    The US will be ruined by fall – it has been almost five months since the election – more than enough time to either revote by paper ballot or figure it out. If we have it all, put up or shut up. We the people have had enough!

    John Flemming

    "The remedy is up to the American people" That's the problem. The American people are too divided to correct tis wrong. Let's not pretend we can do anything but expose the truth.


    The American people are not divided at all. Certainly not as much as the mainstream News Media reports. Nor are most of the American people racist. What is divided is the reporting of news. One side only reports what the Left wants to hear, the other side only reports what the Right wants to hear. No one is reporting Truth, without political spin.


    Thank you CD Media and Patrick Byrne. I’ve been thinking this has to run it’s course and people will have to slowly digest it to believe it. Our country deserves the truth as painful as it might be for some.


    Is it even possible that President Trump be reinstated as President? Is there any precedents to this matter? Any legal precedents? I’d like to know if we can boot the libs out! We all know, who watch Conservative media, that the Election was stolen and how they cheated, they admitted it. But now so what? They are driving it like they stoled it, it being the govt. It is an analogy of a stolen car, the car thief has no regard for the car, just to get away with it and not be caught! Iam mad as hell as to what is going on in DC. God Help Us!


    Until this is fixed by the “powers that be” it’s useless to vote or volunteer for a corrupt Republican Party .
    The government/judicial/ law enforcement is so corrupt and blackmailed by foreign powers that crime goes unchecked, in fact they are the criminals and they use the DOJ to persecute their political enemies...the government is given protection to traffic children and even murder them . While we wait for anyone in the military to actually grow a pair and fight against this satanic cult..it’s useless to organize ...under what banner? Military is even compromised to some degree..eventually we will be herded to FEMA camps or fight back... the situation is so out of control -satanists run the world.. we need the Lord to step in. Why wait any longer.. we have heard over and over.it’s gonna happen...well make it happen then..seems we are been placated with false hope..I’m truly a hopeful person but I don’t see abortion going away...homosexuality will be applauded, satanic sneakers are for sale... so even if some form of justice comes... The Lord Above will not bless any nation that promotes evil and has so much blood on its hands.. take care of your own spiritual hygiene, repent and have a personal relationship with Jesus..that truly is our only hope


    In defense of CDMedia, ya can't just waltz into city, county, state, and federal voting offices, and demand records on the spot. There is a request process, and of course, stall tactics that could mean lawsuits, and judges orders, which all take time... The election fraud Nov 2020, may take years to sort out.... And if the election was truly stolen, the parties in this communist coup, will do everything in their power, to suppress all real/legal information sharing, and replace it with their propaganda narrative, as they've demonstrated fully since Obama Era. Trump is out. Don't expect him back. Don't expect anything from our now communist legal system to help, they've already closed those doors. CD Media will publish what truth they've uncovered, we may be shocked, demand reparation, and the communist media, politicians, courts, will call all CD Media effort as conspiracy, white supremacist propaganda, and perhaps arrest the journalist for speading truth. The End of America is complete. We became complacent, sleepy, brain washed, brain dead citizens, that are to blame for the dismantling of our great nation over the past several decades. You and I, are to blame. We, the people willingly, handed over our rights to corruption. That's the truth. Now, your freedom exists in the hands of those that have both feet firmly planted in hell. They've sunk their evil hooks all the way to our bones, and are now reeling us in....you can wiggle and fight your way off that hook, leaving a bloody mess in the wake, only to find a communist net in the shadows waiting to collect the very last of all our freedom fighters.


    Yep, you are pretty much correct. The American electorate allowed this steal to happen, and now we're are reaping what we sowed.


    Kith, thanks for your cheery comment but I see a trend to get Biden out of there and retire him to a rest home so he can play games on his console. CDMedia is pointing out that nothing stays the same. changes are certain, just not on our personal time frame as we would prefer it. whoever replaces Biden it surely couldn't be any worse than him. the logical inference is to let the real winner step in. Trump. We don't just give up on our dreams of justice occurring and expect God to do the work for us. We treat, then we move our feet. God helps those who help themselves.


    The Trump family still has a large role to play in the coming months and they will be back in power but not the way Mr. Byrne describes.
    Once biden is removed neither in anger nor in battle then it will be the prince of the covenant whom rises from these ashes at some point soon..
    Keep thinking Abraham Accords, more nations will continue to confirm it. The dragon (china) is now involved in these accords also and these accords are now linked hand in hand with the pope's chrislam abomination..

    There is nothing left for you here friends. Repent now and obey the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ while the door is still open. It closes soon and there will only be the mark, strong delusion and everlasting torment. Whether wittingly or unwittingly, the Trumps will be part of all of this.



    We all know the truth maybe not in-depth but we know there was massive fraud nationally and internationally. From Lin Wood to Sidney Powell this has been all the way to the Supreme Court and they will not even take it on. If the highest court in the land and anyone in the judicial system is not going to hear it then what is the point? What can the American people do? Call and hound the very people that allowed the fraud? Vote them out? How? The elections are rigged now. People need to get a grip and face reality it does not matter how much is dug up how much proof you present unless the courts take this on there is nothing we can do. I commend him for his efforts and applaud him, but we the American people went to Washington on the 6th of Jan and expressed our constitution right how well did that work out? Who is sitting in the White House right now? Save me the Q crap where it is a movie set and he is a clone. The more people fall for conspiracies the more this country loses to the communist regime.


    Byrne and all the Q Anon people have been saying this forever. They keep moving the goal post over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. It's all a lie. Anything for attention. Biden administration will do something to distract everyone, so the collective memories are pigeon holed again. It's how these fools work and play. Q Anon people do this full time. Play games. They dont' have jobs.


    This mess didn't happen over night and the outcome must be perfect. Sometimes things are delayed for a reason. Gods timing is perfect. We've noted many arrests, things stated have been coming to an end. So I'm hopeful, pray and await the big awakening. There is no doubt this election was stolen. Just the fact that the democrats didn't want an audit, said it all. If you have nothing to hide it doesn't matter. Trump is the president! Because biden is told what to do, he is mentally unstable. They are abusing him. Then let's look at these latin kids, I guess Latinos lives don't matter. Talk about abuse of power. This is human trafficking. Lets pray for the good ppl victory..


    Patrick must love his hopium addiction.


    It's not going to happen. We all know, both of their families are being threatened in unspeakable ways to prevent the truth from coming out.


    I've watched many interviews with this man on the financial networks, he is not mentally well.


    Trump's pushing the death vaccines--why the hell are you excited about that?

    Barbara Inglese

    By Fall we won’t have a country left!!!! Biden is destroying our country by having wide open borders and undoing everything President Trump accomplished. Time is of the essence !!


    Sgt. Pat, if the election should be proven to be fraudulent, with Trump having been the actual winner, why do we need to assume that the American public would surrender the White House to a traitorous political party for four years?


    If you think that the riots of last year were bad, just wait until anyone tries to put Trump back into the WH no matter what the evidence is of the last election being completely fraudulent. We all (Republicans, Conservatives, and anyone with three or more working brain cells) know it was but get ready for a civil war.


    You nailed that. Sleepy Mao Xiden joe is a puppet of the CCP who is virtually running this country (formerly known as America). The election is done and over, with many millions of illegals coming in, all of whom will vote democrat. The End.


    Agree , time to water the tree. Just hope the bulk of the military will agree and start with some house cleaning


    Byrne, Lindell, Powell and Flynn can present the evidence to the public...no doubt, irrefutable...but the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA , SCOTUS are all corrupted and compromised and they are in the leftist camp. So, there will be no relief or justice from any of our institutions. Military presently, is in the same camp as the rest of the institutions. Perhaps, there are a few who are retired, but the question is, when the irrefutable evidence is presented to the American people of which only a fraction will know because the MSM will not report it...who will be the next George Washington, Patrick Henry? " The only way out of hell, is through it." Hard times folks ahead, hard times.

    Would people PUH-LEAZE stop the HOPIUM and tell the truth! QANON then, this site (among others) now? STOP THE HOPIUM!!!


    What is required to restore the Republic is Jeffersonian tactics. The Federal Government is really quite fragile. When the citizens decide that they have had enough there will be a reckoning for those in power. Political upheavel is brutal and my estimate is those that have taken power and position under false prestenses will not see the other side of the "purge". Keep poking the dog and eventually you will get bit. We patriots are giving the usurpers every chance, if they are willing to take this to it's logical conclusion then so be it.


    Yeah. I have read all the stuff on Patrick's site and it is the most honest and compelling but no, NO ONE who matters will acknowledge the information even it is non-arguably true and factual. The country that used to be the United States of America is now the United States of Dominion and this new country has no Constitution, no truth, no facts, no reality, no rule of law, and no integrity whatsoever. My turnip truck wounds healed in 1995 and I never really believed in purple unicorns that poop delicious Skittles but enjoy those Skittles if you think they are real and if you think any kind of truth is going to matter or any law is going to be given credibility by this new nation.

    Mad Celt

    What woodwork are these false prophets coming from? Sometimes crap happens. Face it, the leftist with their zombie legions of low info parasites have elected a do nothing incompetent and we're struck with him. This Trump idolatry has to stop. It's making what once were fairly sound pundits look like slavering morons in some sort of deranged cult.

    Zola Holt

    Trump could be President again in January 2023. Gets elected House Rep from Florida in 2022 - along with GOP sweep of House and Senate. Then elected Speaker, and becomes President upon the impeachment of Biden and Harris. This would be awesome!!!


    I’m sorry to say it but it’s more likely that no matter what evidence is shown anyone on the left who has committed a crime will walk free. That’s what history has shown us. No matter HOW MUCH IRREFUTABLE evidence there is they ALWAYS walk away free. The evidence may spark a physical civil war when Patriots who feel they have been abandoned by the military and every check and balance in the system is broken/corrupt but the cabal forces will simply slaughter those who rebel. They will continue to steal elections as they have for decades, only now they will do so brazenly and install the candidate of their choice as all dictatorships do. I love my country but I’m a realist. Millions stood up and made a choice in a landslide in November and look where it got us.

    Major Kalhoun

    Anyone hawking a book making promises about Trump rolling back into office on his white horse surrounded by Patriots, well, it might just be science fiction.

    No one but Jesus is coming to save us now, and even then, not everyone gets to go before all he’ll breaks loose.

    Jim the Electrician

    First we must take control of all the major media outlets, then expose the truth of the election tabulation fraud, then surround the court houses and demand Justice!


    I hope you are correct, Mr. Byrne. The democRAT-Communist party is currently hard at work destroying America.


    What difference will it make at this point? Neither Biden of the communist party or TRUMP from the Nazi party gives a crap about the American people. Neither of these useful idiots make any real decisions or have a clue. 4 years of tRUMP is a genius, tRUMP was given bad information, he has no trustworthy people, he's surrounded Blah Blah Blah ..he's so smart but an idiot at the same time. All are just the puppets put forward for political theater while the cabal pulls their strings and writes their scripts. I think tRUMP wanted OUT maybe he begged to be let out, fulfilled his agreement for all his bailouts by the cabal, or with his giant ego didn't want to be remembered for what is happening now. tRUMP did nothing to break up social media or stop crony capitalism, did nothing about voter fraud or maybe he was setting the stage, if he did anything to Rothchilds China don't you think Walmart and The Dollar Store would of closed, his disgusting son in law supposedly increased his portfolio 85 million (most from China) or maybe put LIABILITY back on to those vaccine makers before pushing warp speed. Who cares what he did..those 4 years are but a blip in history.




    There want be a U.S by fall are you kidding, this country is bleeding from the inside and needs help now not in 4 months. If it takes that long don't bother removing Biden/Harris the damage will be so bad it will take years to recover or longer. The military has the final say if Trump won the 2020 election, they reported in late January there was massive voter fraud back in the November election. They have all the proof why isn't the military acting on this faster Biden/Harris has to be removed by the military. It's time now we the people have had enough if this crap and I'm afraid people will start removing our corrupt satanic government themselves.


    A WRIT quo warranto ......


    Weren't we all told that attorney Sidney Powell had all the evidence to expose the theft of the election to turn it round for Trump?
    What happened to that?
    Now you expect us to believe that someone else is going to do better?
    How come?

    Andrew Martinez

    I have been reading cd for about two months now, good stuff. I hope and pray that this is really going to happen. Well good job. Take care.


    Yeah, Bryne talks a big story but so far he hasn't produced anything really useful in the fight to prove election fraud. I'll believe his irrefutable proof when I see it. And as for Trump being back in the White House in the near future, well, it may be "possible" as Patrick states, but lots of things are merely "possible" (like a meteor hitting the swamp and ridding us of these oppressive usurpers).


    "The remedy is up to the American people."

    Well forget it then. The same ppl that wear masks in the ocean and give Biden a 50 percent approval or thereabouts.


    this spring going to be a barn burner its patriots vs liberals all take the PATRIOTS there favored a 1000 to 1

    Geo Washington

    I support President Trump. I saw the changes he fought for. Time and time again he stood up against the lying media. The lying establishment crying Russia, Russia fake politicians. Sorry without Trump going like a bulldozer through Washington, the deep state establishment would still never be exposed. We now know how deep the corruption is and was. Mike Pence certifies a fraudulent election obvious plant of the deep state. Fox news post fraudulent election numbers on real time live TV. We actually saw dominion voting machines change election returns on live TV. Sorry people people Trump was not complying with these people they had to throw him out they had no choice. Impeach, impeach Russia, Russia try to get anything done with these self serving idiots who love money and power was impossible. Trump still got stuff done. Border wall, shut down travel from China during the plandemic, got PPE done, got peace treaty done with Israel, got embassy moved, opened up american energy and businesses to return. He worked his ass off. Most politicians Bush, Obama, Clinton and Biden just do what their handlers tell them.

    Problem remains that the level of corruption surprised everyone including President Trump. He needs our thanks and our support I don't believe he is a traitor. Like all the presidents before him in recent history.

    Jaye Bennett

    (don't forget The Miracle of Easter is upon us - God is Risen!)


    Q-anon bullshit.


    In Jan 2025, anyone who committed treason on the 2020 election, if they are still alive, will be prosecuted for treason and executed if found guilty. Karma is the dickens, and justice is beautiful.


    Trump failed to defend and uphold the Constitution when he declined to prosecute those responsible for: spying on his campaign, the Russia collusion hoax, the Ukraine phone call hoax (he allowed himself to be impeached) and paid rioting. All of these acts are defined as sedition and should have been prosecuted. Allowing all these people to continue their seditious ways led to massive election fraud. Trump handed the United States over to the communist Chinese and now Byrne thinks Trump is going to "drain the swamp" from Florida?

    I'll have whatever he's smoking!

    L Garou

    We're the NSA, NIA, NRO, DHS, DIA, DOJ, FIB, (cia) and we know nothing! Nothing!!


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