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War Room Pandemic Saturday Show Recap 4/3

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“When you’re on Facebook or you’re on Twitter you are their lab rat,” said Torba. “You are feeding data and information to train their artificial intelligence to train their machine learning to get them one step closer to their transhumanism goal of becoming gods.” Our guests are: Andrew Torba, Patrick Wood.

“These are not new ideas,” he said. “This kind of thinking has gone on throughout all recorded history.” Our guests are: Mark Jeftovic, Jason Jones, Cheryl Chumley, Rabbi Spero.

Rabbi Spero: We Must Fight Transhumanism Like Socialism and Communism.

Google Executives Dream of ‘Super AI’ to Rule the World.

Gab CEO Andrew Torba: Transhumanism is Good vs. Evil, Tech Oligarchs Want to Be Gods.

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