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    Byrne, Pulitzer, Lindell, Others Bring Hope At Las Vegas Event Organized By We The People USA Alliance

    April 11, 2021
    Byrne, Pulitzer, Lindell, Others Bring Hope At Las Vegas Event Organized By We The People USA Alliance

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    We The People USA Alliance, Nevada Chapter put on a high-energy event yesterday which gave hope and optimism to patriots who understand the massive election fraud and coup which occured on Nov 3rd of last year.

    Among a strong line-up of speakers was Mike Lindell, George Papadopoulos and his wife Simona, Jovan Pulitzer, and Patrick Byrne.

    Byrne, Pulitzer, Lindell, Others Bring Hope At Las Vegas Event Organized By We The People USA Alliance

    Papadopoulos enjoined the audience to not let the America First movement die. "Don’t let them dispirit you. Don’t believe the lies. Do not be fearful. We have the numbers. We have the power!"

    Jovan Pulitzer emphasized three points. "1. We had a glimpse of a president who cared about the American people. Our eyes were opened. 2. Covid showed us the government will take away freedoms and rights. Now we know how delicate those freedoms are. 3. This election made everyone realize what we would not face -- our political system is trashed, crooked, rigged, not for the people. America is tuned in!

    "This is about warriors - you were chosen to be here, here for a reason, chosen to do this."

    Byrne, Pulitzer, Lindell, Others Bring Hope At Las Vegas Event Organized By We The People USA Alliance

    Patrick Byrne started his comments with a Henry the 5th quote on fighting an overwhelming enemy, and focused on American exceptionalism.

    "We have the evidence. There were 19 Chinese successful cyber attacks in which over 500k votes were switched for Biden and swung the election. We have it all and the confidence of a Methodist minister with four aces."

    Mike Lindell spoke via video call and told the audience to be optimistic, as all the information is coming out. "It will united America like never before!"

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    John Acord

    The evidence of raud is incontrobertble , and we must would all attorneys employed to defend the parties sued by Dominion immediately move for dismissal of their cases and demand sanctions from the court. A maximum effort must be launched to secure a judicial decision declaring all elections to be fraudulent and the offices to be vacated immediately. Any judge who fails to comply must be arrested by Patriots and held for trial as complicit in the fraud. This includes all state and federal judges as well as members of the Supreme Court.
    In the meantime, any edict or "law" passed by a Congress and Administration that was installed by this massive ChiCom planned,financed and temporarily successful electoral fraud be immediately declared null void and be resisted by all means possible. Biden and every Democrat must resign from all offices and after an appropriate time has passed during which those who are responsible can be indicted and prosecuted new elections can be held. All of the Dog Fart Media that promoted and defended this fraud must be seized by Patriots. Trump needs to return to DC and the White House immediately supported by 10 million fully armed Patriots where he must immediately set about restoring the Republic and punishing those who attempted this massive coup against the People.

    Joanne Wendling

    I like this!!


    Is the taped show in Vegas available for viewing somewhere?

    Mad Celt

    For as long as I can remember Republicans have sung the blues, wrung their hands, put together internal love fests like this one and made the same cliqued vows of fighting back then roll over at the first sign the fight is going to be hard. They talk a good fight but have no stomach for engagement. Just another generation of pretenders. When they grow a backbone and finally realize this is a blood sport and their opponents are playing for keepsies I might reconsider them. Not now.

    greg dane

    Then go pull the covers over your bloody head, Mad Celt. While we're fighting to make this happen, trolls are in overdrive and criticism floats in our faces like yours. AZ here, stands strong and continues the fight!


    We may never be able to change things in this country again by voting. The democRATS have gamed the system to the point that there may never be another election that isn't massive fraud like the 2020 election. True patriot citizens will have to rise up.

    Jose B

    Good god people, put contact information in the article. I live in Las Vegas and did not know about this event. Had I known, I would have attended.

    Paul Lordi

    What is your choice then Biden? I agree with you but if you don’t support we lose everything! Biden has just said that the constitutional rights are not guaranteed. Is that a better choice to you? Do you want open boarders? Do you want a vaccine passport? Democrats are for these things. I wish Democrats weren’t trying to destroy America but the fact is they are! the only people that are doing any fighting are Republicans! I can’t stand all the talking heads that had a chance to stand up against election fraud and didn’t! Levin Hannity tucker guilty!


    There's no doubt about the fact that action IS required if we're going to save our country. Unity of direction is a key answer, and it must come from every Red State and the Red Counties in every Blue State. There has been little or no discussion on this wise, but when you consider the absolute dominance of these two entities within the country, there is only one reasonable alternative--the forming of a Red State and Red County Coalition utilizing a combination of the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution and County Secession to form new states or join other states. To NOT do so will mean that every tax, law, violation of the Constitution, Leftist/Communist power grab will be imposed upon all of us, like it or not. Now just about how much of any of this was proposed in this rally?!? This is why just talking won't get us anywhere. Our red state governors need to get together and start working this five months ago!

    Trish B

    I attended the Las Vegas event and it was great! If you missed it, there's still time to get involved and your help is needed. Follow We the People Alliance at their website, https://wethepeopleusaalliance.com/ and sign up for their text alerts. Follow the speakers mentioned in the article on social media. There are calls to action going out all the time. Spread the news. Contact state and US legislators to encourage actions to support election integrity and audits. Get an email list started and encourage your friends to write letters, too. Thank you, Patrick and all those who put together this event. It provided hope and direction on what we can do. This is going to be a legal battle, not a street fight. We must contact the people who have been elected and hold them accountable to take actions that support our Constitution and uphold our freedoms!

    Rollo Tomasi

    Who is the mysterious agent who worked for patrick byrne then showed up at Lindell's cyber symposium pretending to work for TruNews?


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