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    George W. Bush Digs up ‘Any Willing Worker’ Cheap Labor Plan

    April 19, 2021

    Bush Family Globalist Ties Exposed During Coup

    George W. Bush Digs up ‘Any Willing Worker’ Cheap Labor Plan
    Image by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from Washington D.C, United States

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    Former President George W. Bush is still urging Congress to import more cheap and compliant visa workers — and even more legal immigrants — 17 years after he pushed Congress to adopt his very unpopular “Any Willing Worker” cheap labor law.

    “Increased legal immigration, focused on employment and skills, is also a choice that both parties should be able to get behind,” Bush wrote in an op-ed for Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post.  He continued:

    The United States is better off when talented people bring their ideas and aspirations here. We could also improve our temporary entry program, so that seasonal and other short-term jobs can more readily be filled by guest workers who help our economy, support their families and then return home.

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    Know those disgusting stories of White tech workers being fired and forced to train their foreign replacement on the way out?
    That’s exactly what the entire White population is being made to do in the West.

    “Wages in rich countries are determined more by immigration control than anything else, including any minimum wage legislation.
    How is the immigration maximum determined? Not by the ‘free’ labour market, which, if left alone, will end up replacing 80–90 per cent of native workers with cheaper, and often more productive, immigrants. Immigration is largely settled by politics. So, if you have any residual doubt about the massive role that the government plays in the economy’s free market, then pause to reflect that all our wages are, at root, politically determined.”
    Chang, Ha-Joon. 2011. 23 Things they Don’t Tell you about Capitalism, Thing 1: There is no such thing as a free market

    John Sullivan

    I have a simple marketing question, who are these companies with lessor paid employees going to sell their goods and services to? Unemployed Americans and lessor-paid replacement foreign workers who cannot afford to purchase much of anything beyond shelter and food? Henry Ford understood this issue and paid his factory workers a high enough wage so they could afford to buy the automobiles they built. In the long run such companies will have to drop their prices and lose any fake economics they were thriving for.


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