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    Mexico Wants Biden To Pay Welfare To Mexicans And Central Americans

    April 19, 2021
    Important To Remember As ObamaKamala Destroys America...THIS REGIME IS NOT LEGITIMATE!

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    President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of Mexico (AMLO) declared yesterday he wants *President Joe Biden to extend welfare given to illegal immigrants in the United States to all citizens of Mexico and Central America.

    Biden has opened the southern border of the United States to illegal migrants, terrorists, and COVID positive alike, endangering those Americans of all colors on the southern border. Migrants are being shipped across the country in order to create a demographic voting block to ensure permanent Democrat power in Washington.

    "What I want to propose is that the program Sembrando Vida is implemented in Central America," Lopez Obrador said in a video message from Palenque in southern Mexico. "So people aren't forced to migrate, and it helps the environment."

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    How much of that cash will be sent back as Remittances?
    Mexico isnt dumb.
    WE are.
    Meanwhile we have thousands of Citizens sleeping in our Dem city streets, slums falling to ruin, failing schools and a political party blaming everyone and everything but their own horrid city governance. Just scream "racism" and they can continue their horrid failed policies.
    How many dollars is NYC paying illegal foreign nationals? Literally cutting them a check.
    My God, what i see happening now makes me think back and wonder if Trump was actually right!!


    another bunch of bankrupt socialist latin countries picking America's other pockets to prop up their incompetent rule or error. Don't be surprised if Slow Joe and the lib Congress actually does this.

    Brett M Short

    Biden Administration is dumb enough to jump to the tune Mexico plays!

    RockyMtn 1776

    We already are paying them in a roundabout sort of way. There are 196 countries in the world, the US pays foreign aid to 154 of them including China and Russia. We have troops n 130 countries protecting them and their borders !
    Evidently the US taxpayer does not mind as this has been going on for many years and they STILL get re-elected !

    Michael Dickson

    Take it from a Mexican living in Mexico, our president is a nincompoop. And so is yours. Sad.


    Biden's goal is to bankrupt the USA on his way to destroying it so the World Economic Forum run by Klaus Schwab and company can BUILD BACK BETTER. Paying all these illegals and Biden-welcomed "immigrants" to live here is just another facet of the overall plan to "clear the slate".


    Who wants to bet the Biden people asked the President of Mexico to ask for welfare?


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