• War Room Pandemic Thursday Show Recap 4/22

    April 23, 2021
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    Fiction Checkers … CCP Compromised Journalists Attack Frank Speech.

    “They were prepared for this to go sideways in a bad way,” she said. “Why was there a single officer a guy that was that dangerous without any backup?”

    Our guests are: Patrick Coffin, Alison Morrow.

    “If you have something to hide you’re going to put up as much resistance as possible,” he said. “I believe they’re afraid of what we’re going to find.” Our guests are: Sonny Borelli, Boris Epshteyn, Todd Bensman, Bianca Gracia, Liz Harrington.

    'They're Afraid of What We're Going to Find': 2.1 Million Ballots Transferred for Audit in Maricopa.

    Smuggling Operation on the Border Revealed.

    Biden's Climate Summit Features Pope, Xi, Calling for Great Reset.

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