• UPDATE: AZ Says Positive Development...Maricopa County Judge Handling Audit Challenge Recuses Himself Last Minute Before Hearing

    April 25, 2021
    VIDEO: Democrats Cave In Maricopa County Court, Election Audit Will Go On

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    This story is developing...

    UPDATE 4/26 1300 EST


    It is reported that the judge handling the Democrat Challenge to the Maricopa County, AZ election audit, which is sure to show massive election fraud if allowed to be completed, has recused himself less than 24 hours before the hearing on Monday.

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    How many times are they going to court? I thought Friday the Democrats had to put up a $1Million cash bond which they didn’t do? Now they’re going back to court again? Like WTF?

    Renee R

    Aww, did the democrats threaten him too?


    I bet he did and his replacement prob far left thrown a bunch of wrenches in audit


    Can't they just fire the attorney if he is just now showing up and represents the Cyber Ninjas? He can take one for the country!
    If they replace him with a leftist judge that stops the audit, we will know it was a setup. Maybe the judge has been threatened.


    sheitISsheit •

    the judge was already assigned & the case was on going (not just
    starting), the new lawyer knew the situation, so he should have refused
    the case

    I think the judge could have stood on that and rejected letting viskovic join the case already in process
    probally even gotten the "new" lawyer sanctioned for ethics violation

    Proudly Unaffiliated

    This is war! Americans are fighting to get our country back, the deep state globalists are fighting to keep control. There will be many casualties but fight we must. MAGA!

    Burt Hicks

    I'm not a member of Promise Keepers, but I'm about ready to join. If you've been -- or still are -- members of the US military, you took an oath to "defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic." (emphasis mine). If you meant it and were honest when you took that oath, prepare yourself. I'm 72, but I'm not going to let my country go down the drain because some globalists with demonic direction want to destroy it. I have kids and grandkids; they must be defended!


    I wonder if this lawyer was brought in specifically to force the recusal and bring in a Lying Leftist judge instead?


    It appears are very near the point where physical stuff happens...like Daddy does not come home for dinner.
    They, the evil ones, the dems and their compiicit ones, are willing to do anything. Anything, to stop what will take apart their theft. If AZ falls, so do GA, MI, NV, PA and WI. Bring it.



    Hormel Chavez

    Rats jumping ship....get ready folks. This is going to get spicy.


    Patrick Henry said it best.


    I think you mean Oath Keepers. Promise Keepers is an Evangelical Christian parachurch organization for men.

    No One

    What did the Judge know to suddenly recuse himself right before the findings hearing? This another stall action so the findings disappear? Was the Judge threatened? So many questions with little or no answers.


    so they shopped and shopped for attorney who worked for the judge so he would have to do this. I would have stayed on.
    But I have a backbone.

    ProBiz Conservative

    Any surprise why the demonKKKrats declined on the $1 million Bond? Shouldn't be. They knew that 0bama would get to the judge who knew he had to recuse to stay alive...

    David Michaels

    If he recused himself then he is guilty of Treason. Charge him and get another judge.


    Just ignore the idiot judges and keep working! Get armed guards to block anyone from trying to enter.


    “I wonder if this lawyer was brought in specifically to force the recusal and bring in a Lying Leftist judge instead?” - RLAbruce


    Michael Galieh

    if a judge our desires doth refuse - we'll find some way to get him recused.


    The lawyer in question has been accused of other lawyers (likely Dems) in AZ as bringing a bunch of meritless election fraud suits. Their complaint against him seeks disbarment.

    He may or may not have been there earlier. It seems the judge ducked out because the lawyer's involvement here would cause there to be a question of bias on the part of the judge in favor of CyberNinjas. I'd guess the lawyer has been involved from the beginning but the judge was threatened/accused of bias. I, too, initially thought this was a dirty trick by anti-auditors and wondered how a lawyer could join at the last minute, but that doesn't seem to be the case.


    How can we judge the judge on what the 'press' is saying? They lie to further an agenda. What is that agenda? How is this story slanted to shade the actual truth?

    Is the judge really a coward or does he really have reason to recuse? If he's not biased, he has opened the way for a biased judge to further corrupt the system. THAT is a cowardly act!!

    The election was stolen and nobody did anything at the time, why expect something different now?
    We are at the mercy of the anti-Americans until it become legal (or necessary) to take action. It's coming. Be prepared.


    Please be aware that if you join groups such as Promise Keepers you are exposing yourself to the deep state arm of the FBI. They WANT you to join so that they can put you on a list. This is war. You have to be wise. The enemy is always watching. To fight back we need a clandestine organization, an underground movement like the French Resistance in WWII.


    American "justice system" is hard broke. It's like a Three Card Monte game trying to get real "justice" in an American court.

    Black Sheep

    The judge undoubtedly was being pressured to make calls that could get him in deep trouble if the audit has enough backing, and may have taken this way out of the situation. That doesn't mean another judge won't be more compliant.


    Dem election fraud has been proven again and again. It's roundly ignored by the media and law enforcement...the corrupt Democrats behind it are never punished...and the illegitimate results are allowed to stand. So...

    Nabi Rasch

    You don't have a publicly guided legal system anymore so much as you have a legal industry appropriated by the legal community for its own profit.


    Judge is owned by the Deep State. He is their b__ch.


    So who threatened the judge or how much Soros money did they offer him?

    Eric Jeffers

    This is an old, but was a positive development. The hearing to stop the Audit was to happen Monday, yesterday. Republicans updated and submitted a new name on their list of lawyers litigating for the defense, someone who worked with this judge, who then had to recuse. That enabled the Audit to continue unabated, for at least 10 more days. Look on https://azaudit.org/ to watch the livestream of the audit from 8 camera angles- It is happening right now and they worked until 9:30 last night. So much for the Democrat complaints about this being "done in the dark." There are lots of lights and security. You can see how the ballots are being handled.

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