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    REPORT: New Cherry-Picked Judge In Maricopa County, AZ May Shut Down Audit Tomorrow

    April 27, 2021
    VIDEO: Democrats Cave In Maricopa County Court, Election Audit Will Go On

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    A procedural hearing today in Maricopa County, AZ concerning the election audit being conducted by the AZ State Senate saw a judge give guidance he may shut down the audit tomorrow for 'voter's rights' issues.

    New Maricopa County Judge did not issue a restraining order today after an hour-plus long hearing. The audit in Arizona continues until tomorrow, reported Disclose TV.

    Judge says he will rule on injunction then. He added that so far he doesn't see "proper protection" in place for Arizona voter rights, i.e. he may enforce the injunction tomorrow.

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    This from a Clinton judge? Are we going to stand for this ? And continue with our wimpy ways of submission to communism? No voter's rights are being compromised any more than they were during the actual election. If the people allow this whore judge to cover up Democrat crimes, the people deserve to lose their rights. Period.

    Denise Moitoza

    Why didn't the people of Arizona show up en mass and insist this corrupt judge recuse himself??


    The VOTERS are seeking to regain their rights by authorizing the Legislature to conduct an unbiased audit. The judge intends to deny the voters their rights by hiding the discovery of the TRUTH. ENOUGH of Clinton's and the Democrats' crime spree! Let the people discover the truth and chase the compromised "judge" off. It is out country, our election, our Constitution, our children's future or we will all end up as serfs. The elections are the province of the Legislature and the people are the judge, not some lackey of Clinton and the corrupt Democrats. Man up and show some balls Arizonans.


    Don’t let 1 asshole judge stop it people of AZ need to show up at the hearing and let the judge know he not going to get away with it

    Expert Hiker

    My opinion is this Judge needs to understand his personal safety is in his own hands when he makes his ruling.

    Eugene Melvin

    Every AZ Voter should go to this hearing tomorrow and make your voices heard PEACEFULLY of course! But this Judge should know what the VOTERS WANT NOT THE DEMOCRATS AND THEIR LIES!!


    The Clinton Judge didn't shut it down today because he could not come up with a plausible scheme on the fly. He knows he is on thin ice with separation of powers - this is the legislature's audit and the judicial branch is sticking their nose in it. You just know he's on conference calls all night with Biden's team looking for something. Don't be surprised if the Judge's concern changes from "voter rights" to something that might seem plausible tomorrow.

    In the end, neither plausibility nor separation of powers will stop an attempted steal of the audit. I predict another Emmet Sullivan or Amy Berman type of political activism from the bench, and some serious air support from the MSM. They are just gonna do it again, and the citizens will remain ignorant sheep.

    This is why it is utterly important for average Joe's and Jill's who care enough to pay attention need to disseminate information to their family, their friends and their neighbors. Do a neighborhood newsletter that goes below the surface of the fight (the fight is usually just a shiny object to mesmerize dumb people) and expose the radical, racist agenda of the left, their motivations, strategies and goals. Use the left's own words when possible. Compare and contrast, not just between parties, but individuals. Also compare and contrast what was advertised in a candidate vs what they are delivering.

    You will not change the mind of a left wing cultist (ever), but your words will be a welcome respite to those condemned to live with the cult present in their home. How many more would have known about the Hunter Biden scandal? Tara Reade? $1.5B from China? Ukraine shenanigans? State department, FBI, other alphabets and five eyes surveilling and spying on American citizens while simultaneously fabricating a whopper of a lie to justify it that nearly dumped this country into armed strife.

    I said it during the first impeachment - the left knows it is toast, and the only way they will remain in power is to just go for it all, the whole shebang - full blown revolution, and all signs were indicating they pulled that trigger. Still pretty certain about it.

    Big Al

    Seems he want's to have the Reps left between a rock and a hard place. Will the appellate court hold an emergency hearing and how long can the ballots... sit in the convention center? What's the word on the AZ supreme court sending down a hands off message to the lower courts?


    Guard the evidence please !! Keep the Maricopa Arizona Audit going NONSTOP please !!

    Arizona citizen

    The Dems' strategy is to run out the clock on how long the ballots need to be preserved (as IF they've been preserved - they haven't!). This substitute-judge will issue an injunction then drag out the proceedings until after the deadline, then the ballots (evidence) will be destroyed - what they haven't already destroyed - and Arizonans will remain saddled with illegitimate communist "representatives."
    I'm boiling with anger and frustration, but there seems no procedural way to remedy this. Our election was stolen using every dirty trick in the book, and a VERY strongly Republican state is being misrepresented by communists in Democrat clothing.

    Steve Canyon

    Where the hell are all the so-called Patriots of Arizona??!!!!! For God sakes do something you weak sisters!!!! Or are you only good for Trump parades?!


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