TRO Denied In Arizona, Election Audit Continues

April 28, 2021

In spite of many efforts on the Left to scuttle this audit, civic and political pressure seems to prevail

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The new judge assigned to the election audit case in Arizona has denied the temporary restraining order (TRO) requested by Democrat operatives and the audit of the massive election fraud that occurred on Nov 3rd of last year continues.

Judge Martin rejects Plaintiffs’ request for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), “Plaintiffs have not met the burden required to obtain a TRO," reported Arizona Conservatives Take Action.

The Judge goes on to say that should signature verification become part of the Cyber Ninjas’ scope of work, then Plaintiffs may amend their request.

Counsel Desai suggests that Plaintiffs may appeal the Judge’s ruling on the TRO following a review of Cyber Ninjas’ policies and procedures manual.

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    7 comments on “TRO Denied In Arizona, Election Audit Continues”

    1. I think with the forensics being undertaken on the ballots themselves, signature verification probably won't be needed. But the dimocrats are panicking majorly so who knows what other reason they will come up to stop the audit. All I can say is, auditors speed it up. Use Pulitizer's technology to blow the fraud out of the water.

    2. The judge won't regret it. We will remember his name in my home, as long as he remains loyal to the constitution and the American people.

    3. So was a judge removed and replaced with another? Is that a positive thing for this audit or negative? We need this audit done and the same in all the other questionable states. Obama's hand prints are all over this and who is running this country mans it is not executive Biden or executive Kamila.

    4. They'll no doubt prove election fraud, but I have little hope the election will be overturned. Proving election fraud only provides evidence with which Trump or the Republicans or someone can bring litigation. By the time all that works its way through the constipated court system, the 2024 election will have arrived. The good news is, perhaps the proven fraud will inspire more secure elections, and Trump will win handily. That is, if we still have elections or even a country by then!

    5. There is No moving forward. The election of Nov 3,2020 had significant foreign interference. The Generals can not allow our Republic to be taken over by foreign countries. Our military took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution. For our Generals to ignore that oath would be treasonous. If they The Military do not correct this ,then our country this great USA has been sold . I do not believe that has happened yet. God built this Republic and our Generals will protect it.


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