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War Room Pandemic Wednesday Show Recap 4/28

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 “You’re destroying the U.S. dollar,” he said. “You’re going to destroy the ability for us to be the reserve currency. When that goes away your life is going to be changed dramatically in the moment.”

Our guest is: Boris Epshteyn.

“I believe this is a divine appointment today,” he said. “We are living in the greatest time ever right now. You’re going to look back and say all this had to happen in order to get to that place and once again we will be one nation under God.”

Our guests are: Mike Lindell, Ben Bergquam.

Lindell: ‘Keep the Faith,’ ‘Greatest Revival for Jesus in History’ Coming to U.S.

Mike Lindell reveals 7 million bots simultaneously attacked Frank at once. What are they so afraid of?

Raheem Kassam reveals new emails that destroy Big Media’s narrative on Jan. 6. Capitol authorities had full warning at least 24 hours before the riot, and yet did nothing to secure the capitol.

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