BREAKING: AZ Audit Cyber Ninjas File For Emergency Hearing As Court Nefariously Releases Sealed Security Plan

April 30, 2021
VIDEO: Democrats Cave In Maricopa County Court, Election Audit Will Go On

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Weird things are happening in Arizona. Today a carnival fair mysteriously appeared next to the audit location, and now it seems the court has nefariously released auditor's (Cyber Ninjas) security plan, opening up the firm to attacks form the domestic terrorist group Antifa.

You can read the emergency court filing on tab below...

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    Why didn’t the Legislature get rid of this Judge Martin since he has ties to the same Clinton law firm whose lawyers were sent to AZ to sue about the Election results. Why would the legislature not say he had to recluse himself he is more involved then the previous Judge, but the legislature just does what the Republicans always do, just roll over and let the Dems get their people in there to do their bidding and cheat… AGAIN!


    Better increase security ASAP !!


    If Antifa threatens and the Gov. doesn't call in the national guard, then he solely responsible for what entails afterwards.


    If Antifa threatens and the Gov. doesn't call in the national guard, then he's solely responsible for what ensues afterwards.


    Hire more security - post where Patriots can contribute $$$ to support the protection of the AZ Audit!


    Get national guard their NOW!!

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