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War Room Pandemic Thursday Show Recap 4/29

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“They are going to so dramatically expand the mere concept of government,” Bannon said. “The model they’re looking at — it’s obvious after that speech last night — is the CCP model. CCP-lite, state capitalism…so big in scale, so involved in your life,social credit score.”

“That’s the end of American sovereignty,” said Bannon. “This is Joe Biden saying no your sovereignty doesn’t matter, your health doesn’t matter.”

On Borrowed Time … The Illegitimate Biden Regime and Moms Fight Back.

Arizona Moms Fight Kid Mask Mandate in Schools: It’s Child Abuse.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Announces America First Rallies With Matt Gaetz.

Angel Mom: ‘We Had 4 Years of Progress, Only to Throw It All Away in 100 Days’.

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