AZ GOP - We Hope Signature Verification Will Take Place As Audit Continues To Possibly End Of June

May 6, 2021
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AZ GOP Chair Dr. Kelly Ward describes May 14 deadline will not be met and to expect the audit to continue till the end of June. She hope signature verification will take place in spite of Dem fears.

You can watch her video here.

The original ambitious target audit completion date of May 14th will not be met. Kelli expects the audit to take a 3 - 4 day pause starting 5/14 and then pickup again after the graduation ceremonies at the Coliseum, writes Arizona Conservatives Take Action on their Telegram Channel.

According to a heavily-biased AZ Mirror article, Ken Bennett estimates that approximately 200K ballots have been counted as of Wednesday. If true, and assuming they are able to double the counting stations, that would put their new target completion date near the end of June (our estimate).

Kelli notes that today’s settlement agreement ( had a revealing clause on signature verification. It requires the audit to acknowledge that it is not currently comparing early ballot envelope signatures with those in the voter registration files — and to agree that it will not begin signature verification without first giving the Plaintiffs 48 hours notice. Clearly we’ve identified a potential fraud hive. Kelli’s team was able to examine 100 signatures after the election and found that up to 11% of the signatures in that tiny sample were likely invalid.

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    One comment on “AZ GOP - We Hope Signature Verification Will Take Place As Audit Continues To Possibly End Of June”


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