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    Michigan Deperno Case Dismissed! Ball's Now In Legislature's Court For Statewide Audit

    May 18, 2021
    Michigan Deperno Case Dismissed! Ball's Now In Legislature's Court For Statewide Audit
    1950 Census Enumeration District Maps - Michigan (MI) - Antrim County

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    Michigan Constitutional Attorney Matthew Deperno's election fraud case has been dismissed in Antrim County. Deperno gained access to 22 election machines after the Nov 3rd election and imaged the servers. His follow-on reports have been shocking and showed massive election fraud in the 2020 U.S. general election.

    🤬 😤 DePerno case is dismissed. Judge rules that Plaintiff’s claims are moot as relief has already been granted, wrote Arizona Conservatives Take Action Telegram channel. (Please consider joining this channel for real time AZ updates)

    All other matters are stayed pending an appeal.

    The judge kicked the can down the road and threw it back on the legislators for the manner and scope of an audit requested by a citizen, in accordance with Article 2, Section 4 (1)(h) of the Michigan Constitution.

    13th Circuit Court Judge Kevin Elsenheimer, a Republican nominee, ruled that plaintiff William Bailey, a resident of Antrim County, had received the relief he sought after he filed the lawsuit last year following the election, reported The Epoch Times.

    Bailey was seeking an independent audit of Antrim County’s election but Elsenheimer decided that the February risk-limiting audit conducted by county clerks, who reviewed a random sample of some 18,000 ballots, was sufficient under state law.

    “There is no right either in the constitutional section or the statue for the independent audit that Mr. Bailey seeks,” Elsenheimer told the court.

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    Courage! We need more of it!


    “The rules are simple: they lie to us, we know they're lying, they know we know they're lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them.” Elena Gorokhova describing life in the USSR.


    Judge folded. Sad.

    The Liberator

    The people are seething all across America. The teapot is about to blow.


    So all they need to do is shut down Az. audit. It doesn’t matter how, they will just tell another lie and the sheep will tow the line. We have to be approaching the final straw.


    in his comments the judge agreed there were serious issues, they simply need to go foreward in a different manner.
    It could be good, he may have pointed out the issues before it went to a higher court and they pointed them out.
    Deperno ain't done. He'll fix it.


    All these audits and fellow Americans standing up and fighting back against what was the most corrupt event to happen in Our Country other than JFK is great! I support Mr. Deperno, his team, the audit team in Arizona, as well as the brave Legislators, and I applaud the folks in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and all across this Country trying to expose thia fraudulent Election! Anybody with common sense, that witnessed at what unfolded on Election night knows they stole this election! And I mean stole it in broad daylight, grinning ear to ear while holding up a middle finger at the rest of us, and taking an open flame to the Constitution like antifa does Our Flag!! And ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED TO ANYONE! Having said this, think about it, Do you honestly think that they will allow the Election to be overturned!?! No matter how much "evidence" is brought forth!? These swamp creatures own the final buck and final avenue of the law! The Supreme Court!!


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