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Maricopa County, AZ Tries To Threaten AZ Senate With Defamation Action, Issues ‘Litigation Hold’ Letter

VIDEO: Democrats Cave In Maricopa County Court, Election Audit Will Go On

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Maricopa County, AZ Board of Supervisors has issued a ‘litigation hold’ letter for threatened legal action against the AZ Senate audit team. The play seems to be a way to at least tarnish the reputation of the audit in the public’s eye.

You can read the letter from Maricopa County, AZ to the AZ Senate on the tab below.

Because of the wrongful accusations that the County destroyed evidence, the County or its elected
officers may now be subject to, or have, legal claims
, reads the letter.

Please take steps immediately to preserve any and all documents and evidence that may be related
to you and your agents’ “audit” of the 2020 general election.

Below is an interview with AZ Rep Mark Finchem regarding the issue.

(h/t Arizona Conservatives Take Action Telegram Channel)

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1 comment

LKH May 22, 2021 at 12:26 pm

Liberals always do this. They take an event then make it be what it was not, then assume it is true, then accuse from there. Doesn’t work that way inside a courtroom. All bluster and nothing but pure fear.


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