War Room Pandemic Friday/Saturday Show Recap 5/21, 5/22

May 22, 2021
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Episode 964 – The Tyranny of the Minority … Joe Scarborough’s Melt Down

Episode 965 – 1776, 1863, and 2022?…Vaccine Fascism in Oregon and MAGA Candidates Fight in PA and OH

Episode 966 – War Room Special: Rise of the Phoenix … The Georgia Audit Exposed

Episode 967 – Making Lemonade … Audits Roll on and How MAGA Can Use the Jan. 6 Commission

Episode 968 – No Lies Are Perfect … Dr. Yan Vindicated for Wuhan Lab Theory

Episode 969 – They Are Losing … Biden’s Bleeding Political Capital

Kassam Reports on Packed Gaetz-Greene Rally: AZ Patriots Are Optimistic and Not Backing Down

Bannon: Biden is Bleeding Out Political Capital Because We're Getting to the Bottom of Nov 3

6 Mths Later Fulton Co. Needs More Time to Produce Thousands of Missing Ballot Chain of Custody Docs

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