• MAGA Sweeps School Board Elections In Smithtown Central School District, Long Island

    May 24, 2021
    MAGA Sweeps School board Elections In Smithtown Central School District, Long Island

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    Last week the MAGA movement swept school board elections for Smithtown Central School District, Long Island, NY.

    CDMedia spoke with Shawn Farash of the Loud Majority movement, a group that has been vocal in this conservative part of New York state since before the 2020 election, staging frequent rallies for the MAGA agenda.

    "We were approached by concerned parents of the school district to help weed out corruption," said Farash. "There had been multiple FARA requests and we found the administration was tied to the NY teacher's union, and was pushing the 1619 project.

    "We put up 3 candidates for the seats that were open; we only had 3-4 weeks to campaign. We swept all three positions. There was a record turnout -- 8,500 vs the usual 3,000.

    "Most of Long Island is controlled by the GOP Establishment. Where their candidates ran, they were annihilated. However, in Smithtown, Valley Stream, and Massapequa, MAGA prevailed.

    "The grassroots effort worked very well. We are not done! There is a lot going on in Suffolk County with school administrators, money, and so on, with junkets to conferences, etc. We want to shine light on this corruption.

    "We are already planning for the next election cycle in the coming year. We want to find candidates now and move to control the school board in Smithtown and elsewhere in the region.

    "You can find us a LongIslandMajority.com and you can download forms to combat critical race theory (CRT).

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    CDM Staff

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    Keep it up. Smartest thing to do everywhere - kick every teacher union sell-out off every single local school board.

    Teachers unions destroyed America from the bottom up. Biden-Harris are destroying it from the top down - and they both work together. This is your deep state cabal.

    Regina Marie

    The fact that is article says MAGA sweeps smithtown school board is disgusting. The fact the Sean Farrish said “ we put up candidates” and “we want to control school boards” is ridiculous. Who does he think he is? He needs to get over himself and get over Trump. He lost and is incompetent. Over 500,000 dead on his watch. He validated your own racism and made you think everyone else is wrong. Get a life Sean Farrish.


    Regina. you need to get a brain...

    F X

    LOL. A guy who lives with his parents thinks “We were approached by concerned parents of the school district to help weed out corruption. There had been multiple FARA requests and we found the administration was tied to the NY teacher’s union, and was pushing the 1619 project.”


    Wow. Shawn must be inhaling pickup truck fumes.

    And Smithtown BOE candidates campaigned for months and months. They were encouraged to do it courtesy of NY Assemblyman Robert Fitzpatrick back in August. Shawn must live in a fantasy world where he pays rent.

    Ronald L. Coker

    Oh to live in blissful ignorance! Remember, elections have consequences!

    Shawn Sampson

    For all you Trump and MAGA haters out there, the best is yet to come. The evil left and the deep state have destroyed everything they touch. Soon, this experiment with communism will end and we will get our constitutional republic back.


    I just left Massapequa for Charleston SC on April 2nd, the best decision I have EVER made in my life. The same knuckleheads that voted in so-called MAGA candidates in the Massapequa school district. Voted for Andrew Garbarino to replace Peter King in congress. Andrew Garbarino is a RINO never Trumper and one of the gang of 35.
    New York is finished, self segregate and get the Hell out as I did.


    Unions = Organized Crime

    F X


    What about police unions? Dimwit. Go bloviate somewhere else.

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