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NYT Manufactured ‘Racial Panic And Hysteria’ With 1619 Project To Shift From Shattered Russia Hoax

NYT Manufactured ‘Racial Panic And Hysteria’ With 1619 Project To Shift From Shattered Russia Hoax
USSR soldier reading a ‘Правда’ (‘True’) newspaper, during wartime in Moscow. Different vehicles can be seen, such as the city’s streetcar and some cars. Правда was and still is a Russian broadsheet newspaper, formerly the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, when it was one of the most influential papers in the country with a circulation of 11 million.
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The New York Times manufactured a “racial panic and hysteria” with its 1619 Project to deflect from the collapse of the fraudulent narrative of former President Donald Trump’s “collusion” with Russia, Alex Marlow, Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief and author of Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption, said during a livestream on Facebook and Instagram.

Marlow stated, “The reason why I think [the 1619 Project] came to be as popular as it is was that it was a replacement — it was like that scene in Indiana Jones where he takes the bag of sand … he tries to take the monkey statue and knock it off — for the Russia collusion hoax, and I’ve got the data and the quotes to back it up.”

Breaking the News details the political calculations made by the New York Times in its attempt to frame Trump as some form of Manchurian candidate in service to the Russian state, Marlow remarked. “[The 1619 Project] was a part of a concerted effort by the Times to pivot the newsroom’s focus from the Trump/Russia collusion hoax to race hysteria,” he wrote on Monday…

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