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    BREAKING: Lindell Sues Dominion For $2B, Details Evidence Of 19 Cyber Attacks From China That Flipped 530k Votes In 5 Key Battleground States

    June 3, 2021
    Lindell Sues Dominion, Details Evidence Of 19 Cyber Attacks From China That Flipped 530k Votes In 6 Battleground States
    Image by Kai Stachowiak

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    This story is developing...

    Entrepreneur Mike Lindell has sued Dominion Voting Systems in Federal court in Minnesota for over $2 billion. The lawsuit details 19 successful cyber attacks the night of November 3rd, 2020, in which 555,864 votes were flipped in six battleground states, giving the Presidency to illegitimate Joe Biden, and plunging the United States into a destructive abyss.

    They have recovered the Pcap (packet capture) and may as well have a videotape of the whole thing, from a cyber perspective.

    Lindell declares he has the 'cyber packets fingerprints' of the successful attacks.

    The case was just filed at 3pm CST.

    Due to Dominion's public threats to Lindell and his company My Pillow, and attempts to silence his allegations of fraud by Dominion, Lindell's attorneys believe there is additional liability via tort law against Dominion, and they are taking full advantage per the lawsuit.

    In essence, you can't say you didn't if you did and win in court.

    Excerpts from the filing are below:

    Dominion has weaponized the legal process and intimidated witnesses to election fraud by suing or threatening to sue over 150 private individuals or organizations, including dozens of citizen volunteer poll watchers, with baseless defamation lawsuits or “cease and desist” letters from Dominion’s lawyers at Clare Locke. Dominion further publicly boasts of doing so—merely because those citizens signed affidavits regarding fraudulent or illegal activities they personally observed during the November 2020 general election.

    Conclusion: Dominion, Smartmatic, and others are desperate to cover up gross security flaws in their electronic voting systems—and information showing cyber attacks and hacking in the November 2020 election—by uniting in a common purpose to use the litigation process to attempt to suppress the revelation and public discussion of these truths.

    In addition, Exhibit 12 shows a subset of 20 documented successful hacks through the election management system in the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona resulting in a total 555,864 votes switched from President Trump to candidate Vice President Biden in the 2020 general election. These hacks came primarily from within China and are identified by the date, location, and the network from which the hack originated and the location and network that was the target of the hack.

    The filing can be read on the tab below:

    Lindell is working on a second lawsuit to the Supreme Court of the United States which will outline further cyber attacks. His attorneys have declared the court will have to hear the case.

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    Rob Johnson

    Don't sue them, prosecute them as a criminal organization that aided in taking away civil liberties under color of authority.


    I've seen Mike's video documentary on this and was wondering why no one else - among our vaunted intelligence agencies and congress elites - ever came up with this information and this amount of detail. Seems our deep state (the Republicans and Democrats alike) have no interest in doing the research . Why is that ? I think I know the answer. We have only one ruling authority: the Deep State. It consists of Democrats and Republicans alike, who have only one objective - to obtain totalitarian power and rule as they please.


    Saw video were one of the white hats talking to mike saying that someone hit record if that person would not have hit record non of this info from dominion would have been caught. Wonder who hit record hmmmm

    Joe Session

    Did u look at the evidence? No? Then you’re another brainwashed mental midget.

    Michael George

    The big problem is the FBI & DOJ are RICO violations as a standing agency’s they are working for the Demacommie’s exclusively in violation of their oath they took the same way many in the Pentagon are going after DJT voters!

    Capn Cook

    That'd be you Jumbo!


    Sorry to hear Jimbo that you are brain dead.

    Paul Kennedy

    Oh, Roy. Having gender identity issues again? Just love how you compassionate leftists spew such venomous hatred. Perhaps one day after extensive psychiatric therapy you'll be able to live a normal life in the real world. Praying for you.

    Joe Session

    Evidence of the sun doesn’t exist if you live under a rock and refuse to open your eyes.


    Your paranoia about getting caught is in full display in the post. You're side is going down. America won't allow a stolen election to stand. No matter how the rebellion has to take shape this means nothing is off the table in our pursuit to expose you morally bankrupt, corrupt, disgusting forms of subhumans. I'd be very afraid if I were you also. LMAO.


    Friend of mine is one of his attorneys...but is tight lipped.


    We all know Lindell's findings are true - and so glad he stuck with it and produced the undeniable evidence. HOWEVER, now that it is proven, we also must know we were attacked by China. We are at war. They have stated they will fight an unconventional war with many things including bioweapons, technology hacking, etc. WE ARE AT WAR WITH CHINA.

    Congress, declare it. Time to fight tooth and nail against these bastards.


    I saw Mike's video and it does show that fraud was clearly present. China helped the democrats STEAL the election! The evidence was overwhelming. Thank God! Now we have to return President Trump to the White House that was STOLEN from him.


    Do you think an overwhelmingly Catholic Supreme Court will oust a Catholic 'President' and take power from a Catholic Speaker of the House?


    So what's up with Lindell's validation that says that 13,367 votes were switched in Antrim County. The hand count in Antrim was around 15K ? Trump took Antrim 9.7K to 5.9K. So what is he saying with the 13,376 vote switch? Any thoughts ?


    For those of your negative comments. Give it up... SATAN AND THE DEEP STATE IS GOING GOING GONE. GOD WINS

    Jiminy Crickett

    Roy Jimbo,

    Look here, you – you impudent young pup! It wouldn’t hurt you to take orders from your grasshop – er, your conscience, if you have one!

    What you say reflects who you are, no one else.

    Go ahead, make a fool of yourself, then maybe you’ll listen to your conscience.”


    the computer change does just digital votes, initial, and then someone must come with ballots images: mail-in with phantom address or signature or postal date ballots or multiple scanning. Or, In Antrim no paper verification of the ballots and unvlops have been made till now, this was the last decision of the judge.


    Lol. This is the fakest shit and that’s not how packets work or Cyber attacks work. What a joke. Also sending cease and desist letters isn’t defamation or harassment. Nor is suing and saying that these “witnesses” claims were already dismissed by multiple courts because they’re complete non sense without proof if you’ve followed any of the court cases that have already been thrown out and “witnesses” discredited. Just like the show hearings but on by some Republican state reps where we got to listen to “witnesses” contradict themselves, not have any proof, fail to report to the available reporting when they claim to have seen something they didn’t understand, and whine they had to follow rules like everyone else for being an election observer.

    Ann Arbor

    OK Bob, give a quick recap of the seven layer OSI model of open networking. Don’t leave out the header section of the packets.

    Questions include:
    How and why was Mike monitoring network packets?
    Why was Dominion connected to the Internet during the election?
    Who ever allowed an implementation that allowed duplicate ballot submission?
    Who took it upon themselves to delete the audit trails (aka databases) of many Dominion machines?
    If Mike could capture network packets and make sense of the contents, why Dominion was communicating in clear text?

    With the information given to the public so far, Dominion’s implementation readily facilitates fraud.
    I would love to be in the jury as both sides can readily be challenged.


    I don't understand this. I thought it was illegal for any voting machines to be on the Internet. I thought they used a Government Intranet like the military and nuclear power generators use.


    Good questions
    This lawsuit avoids having to prove actual 'fraud' details
    The suit is about 'weaponizing the litigation process' (first paragraph)


    Don't get too excited folks. Even if this were exposed, it ends only in civil war. This civil war will be a bloody one at that and since the cat will be free of the bag, it will be China intervening in it, likely ending in nukes on conservative cities, completing the destruction of America and its removal as a world influence (Daniel 7:4)
    Don't get involved in any of that.

    Consider carefully please that everyone at the top of the american government is owned by china now so whom is coming to your rescue? Whom is leading the fight for the patriots? Trump? He set you all up for this fall and he is a big part of what happened. Now he is simply controlling the opposition until the reprobates lead by china are completely ready to destroy you when the fighting really does start.

    Whether left or right, you have all been betrayed by trusting in Satan's governments of the world instead of our Lord Jesus Christ. Repent now and obey the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and separate yourselves from the affairs of this world. You have no hope without it and there is nothing left for you fence straddlers here except the mark, strong delusion and everlasting torment.


    Gypo O'Leary

    Lindell has IP ADDRESSES that made successful connection to Voting Centers.

    So..he shows someone in China connects with Michigan, for example.

    What evidence does he have beyond the connection? Is he just using the TimeStamp and comparing it to the election count TimeStamp to claim that the connection predicated the change?

    Would the next step be to review Michigan's network routers for logs that show some connection to a voting machine? (Is this exactly what Maricopa County is trying to prevent?)

    Is the answer to my questions in Lindell's movie? I saw some of his videos, but he drew things out so much, that i didn't watch the whole video. If he has pin pointed all these specific facts, is there a pared down explanation of his evidence somewhere?

    king baker

    Some of you people must be total experts from comments, as well as lawyers as well. We will all wait and see what happens.

    Skipping Dog

    Looks like Lindell wrote the complaint himself. He should have used a competent lawyer.


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