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    Putin Says He Respects Trump, Calls Him Extraordinary Individual Not From The Establishment, Calls Biden A 'Career Man'

    June 11, 2021
    Putin Says He Respects Trump, Calls Him Extraordinary Individual, Not From The Establishment, Calls Biden A 'Career Man'
    Image by Kremlin.ru

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    Russian President Putin called former U.S. President Trump an 'extraordinary individual' today, while demeaning President* Joe Biden as a 'career man'.

    "Well even now, I believe that former U.S. president Mr. Trump is an extraordinary individual, talented individual, otherwise he would not have become U.S. President," Putin said in an interview with NBC News.

    "He is a colorful individual. You may like him or not. And, but he didn't come from the U.S. establishment, he had not been part of big time politics before, and some like it some don’t like it but that is a fact," Putin noted.

    On Thursday, Trump asked Joe Biden in a written statement to give Putin his "warmest regards" at the upcoming Geneva summit. The former president said his meeting with the Russian leader in Helsinki, Finland in 2018 was "great and very productive," reported Russian state news agency TASS.

    Putin called Biden in other comments, a 'career man'.

    US President Joe Biden is a career politician and there is hope that there will not be any impulse-based movements, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with NBC TV channel.

    The Russian leader noted that Biden "is radically different from Trump because President Biden is a career man. He has spent virtually his entire adulthood in politics," wrote TASS.

    "That's a different kind of person, and it is my great hope that yes, there are some advantages, some disadvantages, but there will not be any impulse-based movements, on behalf of the sitting U.S. president," Putin said.

    When asked about Biden's remarks calling Putin a 'killer', Putin responded, "I always guided by the interests of Russian people and Russian state. And some kind of labels - it's not something I worry about in the least.

    "Over my tenure, I've gotten used to attacks from all kinds of angles and from all kinds of areas under all kinds of pretext, and reasons and of different caliber and fierceness and none of it surprises me," Putin said.

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    Putin see Trump as a man and Biden as a pussy_with legs


    Unlike Biden-Putin didn't get to be where he is and be able to stay there because he's a fool. He knew Obama as a fool and definitely sees Biden as an even bigger fool - both of which are very easy to overcome. Putin understood Trump as a distinct charismatic figure that respected him but did not fear him or Russia. Putin will eat Biden alive and laugh while doing it and give thanks that he doesn't have to deal with Trump again.


    Putin is smart…May be an “enemy” but at least we can respect that. Biden is already out on the defensive before the meeting…..Astute,, Biden is not.


    Well said!


    I would suggest that Russia is an adversary but not an enemy as China is. The DC establishment is using Russia as the shiny object to distract us from Chinese aggression here and abroad. IMO.


    Putin and Trump BOTH looked out for the best interests of their countries. Something that should be deeply respected of ANY leader. Biden, Ocoona, and most of the others, are only looking out for themselves. Putin is a man of honor and that disgusts him like it would disgust any other man or woman of honor.

    Barry bin Inhalin

    Biden would be insulted if Jill told him what all the big words meant.


    Putin is an Orthodox Christian who understands his base very well, as also the corruption global. Expansionist in their nature. President Trump as with President Putin are realist, commerce and trade are far more valuable than puppet pandering to ones own home base for controlled sentiment through old FDR establishment politics such as Biden. Sovereign Nations understand the value of independence, whether statist worshipping or not. Biden seeks controlled decline of the US to weaken the resolve of American patriots, for the sake of globalist socialist corporate interest at home in bed with China. Hence the "cancel culture" reprobate, the parasitic movement that infest any nation who would not defend the wholesome family unit.


    Senile creepy Joe is going to converse with Putin via video conference. He is too big of a coward to meet Putin face to face.

    Flannigan McGaffigan

    The G7 leaders sit at the BIG table:
    Biden: "I wish I had a little girl to sit on my lap, with legs crossed and looking like a young woman.
    Trudeau: Uncle Joey, I'll sit on your lap and you can run you fingers through my hair too!
    Macron: Justin, if you don't take Joe's lap and sit next to me, I'll slap you since I owe someone a good slap.
    Putin: Remove mentally ill Biden from this table. I sure miss dealing with real men...like Trump!


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