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Now ‘NewsGuard’ Obama Fanboy Doesn’t Like Our Reporting On Treatment Of West Point Cadets Who Refuse Vax

Corrupt Media Watchdog 'NewsGuard' Sends Former CNN Producer, Obama Staffer To Do Hit Piece On CDMedia

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The truth hurts for some. Obama fanboy and CNN intern Samuel Howard from ‘NewsGuard’ has a hemorrhoid.

He just can’t stop himself from wanting us to comment on his threats to do a hit piece, which we are sure he will do. We refuse to enable him.

You can read our previous articles on Fanboy’s desperation here.

Our now daily email breakfast from Fanboy is below:

I am pasting one other story with misleading information that I hope you can comment on.

This story says West Point cadets were threatened with solitary confinement, however, West Point gave a statement to explaining that unvaccinated cadets “are allowed to come and go for exercise outdoors as many times per day as they would like; indoor exercise facilities are provided; and they have access to take-out food delivery and delivery is provided from the Post Exchange.”


Sam Howard

We wonder how long Fanboy would last at West Point in solitary confinement?

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