Angry BLM Mob Attacks Black Conservatives In NYC Speaking Out Against Racist Vaccine Passports From de Blasio

August 6, 2021

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Black conservatives turned out in front of NYC City Hall yesterday to protest the racist vaccine passports in the City that hurt minority business owners.

The white and black 'BLM supporters' were rude, would not let the black conservatives speak unhindered, and hurled insults, frequently screaming, "Where's your mask?"

Marxists Don't Want Black New Yorkers To Save Their Businesses. Who's Sticking Up For Minorities In Gotham?

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    8 comments on “Angry BLM Mob Attacks Black Conservatives In NYC Speaking Out Against Racist Vaccine Passports From de Blasio”

    1. The "angry black blm'" have actually been paid to be so by the corrupt NY democrat party (Schumer, Gillibrand, AOC, et al). BLM doesn't advocate/protest for or against any matter unless they're paid to do so as seen in their savaging and violent destructions which have no rhyme or reason. The democrat party pushes them into these vile "missions" and have also been instigated by Al the Shark Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Gregory Meeks and others residing on the dung pile.

    2. What the BLM and other hate groups engineered by the democrats and affiliated fiends don't have the sense to see is that the swampy dems will eventually kyll the blm members once they have fulfilled their purposes. Those people are witnesses and will be done away with while they stupidly believe they're on the dems' "friend list".


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