UPDATE: Democrat AZ Senator Admits To Pedophilia, Could Be Removed, GOP Still Needs 16 Votes To Pass A Bill

August 7, 2021
Democrat AZ Senator Admits To Pedophilia, Could Be Removed, Handing GOP Means To Push Forward With Election Audit Enforcement

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UPDATE 0500 - AZ Senate still needs 16 votes to pass a bill or call


UPDATE 1210am EST 8/7 - Below is information on who would get to replace the individual who has been arrested. according to Arizona Conservatives Take Action.

How are vacancies handled in the AZ Legislature❓

Arizona is one of twenty-two states that fill vacancies in the state legislature through appointments:

“If there is a vacancy in the Arizona State Legislature, the board of county supervisors must select a replacement. The political party committee is involved in the appointment process only if the legislative district has thirty or more elected Precinct Committeemen… The person selected to fill the seat serves the remainder of the unfilled term.”

Navarrete’s Senate District 30 is situated in central Maricopa County. Jack Sellers and his criminal crew would be in charge of filling any vacancies.


An Arizona State Senator has reportedly admitted to sexually abusing a young boy for years. Senate Chairman Karen Fann may now have the majority needed to push through initiatives helping the election audit of Maricopa County if the individual is removed from the legislature due to admission of criminal activity.

Even though the GOP currently holds a majority, two Establishment GOP Senators have been blocking progress in the election audit of Maricopa County. The loss of one Democrat Senator would change that dynamic.

Even though enforcement action may require 16 votes, as some legislator suggest, there are many initiatives these two RINO GOP members have been holding up. Also, the Senate may be called into special session which could open up many options for proceeding with the audit.

Below is from Arizona Conservatives Take Action Telegram Channel.

Friday, August 6, 2021

Statement from Senate President Fann

"Given the information documented in the findings of probable cause released by authorities, I am awaiting Senator Navarrete's immediate resignation. These are serious and alarming charges that require Senator Navarrete to step down immediately. Our hearts are with the victims; child abuse and sexual misconduct are intolerable in every circumstance. We have confidence in our criminal system and pray that due justice will aid in the long road to healing for those involved."

Navarrete, 35, is accused of repeatedly abusing a boy with whom he was living over a period of several years, according to court records. The boy, now 16, told detectives that Navarrete touched his genitals with his hands and mouth, starting when he was around 12 or 13 and continuing through his 15th birthday.

In a phone call recorded by police on Thursday afternoon, Navarrete apologized to the teen, saying he regretted his actions and would have to live with them for the rest of his life… When asked why he did it, he told the boy he “wasn’t well,” detectives wrote.

Read 👓🗞 ABC News

How ironic that criminal activity by an anti-audit Dem could be the reason the legislature is in session when the audit results are released.

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    14 comments on “UPDATE: Democrat AZ Senator Admits To Pedophilia, Could Be Removed, GOP Still Needs 16 Votes To Pass A Bill”

    1. So a guy ADMITS to essentially raping a child and he might, MIGHT be suspended or fired? Jailing isn't even under consideration?
      Life is good for liberal politicians who aren't white.

    2. Looks like the Democrat party has been invaded by the LGBT cultists just like the Boy Scouts and the Catholic church. LGBT crowd. Maybe we can sue the DNC into bankruptcy.

    3. All conservatives in Arizona need to hit this Hard! He needs to be removed and not only for political reasons. What a piece of perverted liberal trash which is all too common with liberals!

    4. It isn't a surprise to find another Democrat homosexual pedophile. Neither will it be surprising when the audits uncover even more concrete proof of Democrat election fraud and still nothing is done to correct it or prevent it happening again. And certainly none of the Democrats will be punished.

    5. I've been saying it for years now.

      Most politicians on both sides are seriously broken individuals with many skeletons in their closet. That's not by accident. It makes them easy to blackmail. That's why they are selected.

    6. Imagine that. A criminal, a vile pedophile at that, was preventing justice for the people of not just Arizona, but all of America in the larger sense. There is a lot of food for thought in that situation.


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