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August 10, 2021
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Lindell Cyber Symposium Live Blog Starting Here 8/10 10am EST

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Thursday August 12 Live Blog Starts at 1000 EST

1225 - White hat tech going over how the electronic steal happened - IT staff detected hack in mock election during symposium and identified intruders hacking system using cell phones

1210 - Dershowitz - 1st Amendment under attack in lawsuit against Lindell - the only way to prove Dominion was slandered is to get discovery of Dominion operations

1155 - Lindell says Gateway Pundit article is a lie - Larry Johnson is CIA

1144 - Finchem - Internal documents released by Board of Supervisors show Sharpie Gate is real

1125 - Borrelli outlines history of Board of Supervisors deceipt in Maricopa County, AZ

1115 - Lindell - now is the time to stand up for America, if the lights go out here, the go out everywhere

1015 - Lindell physically attacked last night...infiltrators identified inside symposium, cyber attacks increasing


Wednesday August 11 Live Blog Starts at 1000 EST

1810 - Keshel says TX audit coming

1755 - Shiva saying vaccines are only way out for big pharma as old pharma industry is dying, very good explanation of what is going on...government/big pharma cabal

1700 - Dr Shiva tells the audience his experience with election fraud in MA

1630 - Col Waldron, Clements - state legislatures are the key going forward to demand audits

1545 - Oltmann - Dominion and Secretaries of State are violating the law by deleting logs that are required to be held for 22 months. This should trigger an audit. Full Stop. This was done across the country and should nationwide full forensic audits

1500 - Cyber analysts found evidence Dominion changed election machine files during update which made machines more vulnerable. Hard drives were erased and replaced with alternate data during 'updates'. Adjudication files were deleted

1240 - Symposium servers being attacked

1205 - Mesa County, CO election files shown to be vulnerable during elections via remote access

1135 - White hat hackers are showing how they surveilled election fraud in Mesa County, CO

1120 - Lindell reveals white hat cyber personnel have been monitoring elections since the Nov 3rd election for fraud. Voting machine companies have been erasing data and it is fraud.

1005 - Lindell - today we are focusing on presenting data


2040 - Mesa County, CO County election clerk reveals threats and intimidation from CO SoS. Her office in Mesa, CO was raided today as she traveled to the symposium. The SoS's passwords were released on social media and the media narrative stated the clerk violated the law by releasing the passwords, which she didn't have possession of. Due to legal threats happening today, more information from this situation will be released on Thursday

2025 - Witnesses are about to give evidence of election fraud

1930 - Lindell says earth shaking information to be released in 30 minutes. One million votes switched from Trump to Biden in Texas

1918 - 1 million votes were switched from Trump to Biden in Florida

1900 - Trump won Georgia by 400k votes

1840 - Trump won Arizona by 300k votes

1825 - Cyber experts are being fed files in break-out sessions to verify cyber data is from 2020 election

1715 - Lindell - Trump won Pennsylvania by almost 500k votes. Bannon - there is no compromise, communism must be defeated

1635 - Eduardo Bolsonaro from Brazil, son of the President begins speaking. Brazil lost audit capability in 1996. Brazil is fighting for printed ballots. Important election in Brazil in October for the future of Latin America

1615 - Lindell - Donald Trump won Michigan by 300k votes. Clements - we have 250,000 patriot prosecutors ready to complete full audit and prosecute cheaters on both sides. Trump won Ohio by one million votes. Trump won Texas by 1.5 million votes. Trump won Minnesota. The media conditioned us to believe the big lie. Trump won Wisconsin

1550 - Bannon - these elections have been stolen for a while - only 2020 was on steroids, CCP changed presidential election - this was the second act of war after release of the CCP virus. We need full forensic audits of all 50 states. THIS CONFERENCE IS JUST THE END OF THE BEGINNING - GET TO WORK PATRIOTS

1535 - Lindell beings to show state by state real election results based on captured packet data - New Hampshire actually went to Trump

1500 - Lindell calls out fake journalists by name, offers interview on stage, for misinformation articles written this morning from the Cyber Symposium.

1415 - Clements - We are starting to find out who the election fraud cartel is

1400 - Lindell says first cyber attack today by China on Israel

1330 - Dr. Frank hints some people have flipped and turned into informants for patriot cause...every county in the United States was hacked. Election are decided ahead of time by state and controlled at the county level

1325 - Dr. Frank - our legislatures will not save us, it will be the moms...

1215 - Col Phil Waldron - China has information dominance, Clements - we need conservative entrepreneurs to give us information distribution.

1155 - David Clements - "We are taking the fight from the court of law to the court of public opinion...The lawyers aren't going to save us…we the people will save us"

1144 - Brazil will be speaking in support of Cyber Symposium

1134 - Col Phil Waldron - If we don't keep our country, we don't deserve it

1105 - Movie with Col Phil Waldron - outlining groups behind the white hat cyber efforts - THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE THE WALL STOPPING GLOBAL DOMINATION - CCP owns efforts behind Dominion - Election systems were connected to the internet - Teams have gather indisputable evidence entire system can be hacked and manipulated, and it was - Soros Behind Everything - CCP working with Soros and attempting US takeover

1055 - Fourth system seems to be working - Show should start soon

1040 - System seems to be coming online at and program will begin shortly says Lindell. THIRD SYSTEM ATTACKED AND TAKEN DOWN - LINDELL BOOTING 4TH SYSTEM

1020 - Lindell - we are under attack - entire technology attacked - another five minutes before backup system is up - Lindell 7pm today information will be released will change the world - THE SHOW WILL GO ON! TODAY WILL BE OUR VICTORY! FOX NEWS IS IN ON THE COUP.

0945 - Schedule Update Day One

  • 1000 - opening remarks Lindell
  • 1045 - legal team
  • 1100 - opening remarks cyber team
  • 1200 - panel of speakers
  • 1300 - cyber presentation
  • 1345 - interactive board map of 'certified' results
  • 1415 - guest speaker
  • 1500 - panel discussion
  • 1545 - guest speaker
  • 1645 - afternoon panel discussion
  • 1730 - cyber update on analysis updates
  • 1800 - end of day's program - Lindell remarks

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