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War Room Pandemic Tuesday Show Recap 8/31

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Episode 1,219 – Extraction Under Fire

Episode 1,220 – Extraction Under Fire

Episode 1,221 – Extraction Under Fire: In Review

Military Dogs Left In Afghanistan #NoPawsLeftBehind

Military Suffering A Sense Of Shame

They Want To Fray Us As A Country

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1 comment

Malia September 2, 2021 at 9:44 am

I am thoroughly disgusted with the Biden Admin.; the loss of life of our military men in Afghanistan, the weaponry that was (intentionally) left for the Taliban, American citizens at the mercy (?) of the Taliban,… If Biden thinks the Afghanistan pull out was a success then whose side is he on? Biden must be held accountable – he is a threat to US national security. The JCSs involved should face a military court. They are all traitors.


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