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    CDM/Big Data Poll: Virginia Voters Oppose Transgender, Gender Neutral Bathrooms in Public Schools

    October 21, 2021
    CD Media/Big Data Poll: Virginia Voters Oppose Transgender, Gender Neutral Bathrooms in Public Schools
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    The entire October 21, 2021 CDMedia/Big Data Poll: Virginia Voters Oppose Transgender, Gender Neutral Bathrooms in Public Schools, and all CDMedia/Big Data Polling is located here.

    With less than two weeks to go before Election Day, public education and the culture wars are at the forefront of the race for the next governor of Virginia. A new CD Media Big Data Poll finds voters in the Old Dominion overwhelmingly oppose a slew of Democratic policies, to include transgender participation in sports, the use of locker rooms and bathrooms, as well as "gender neutral" bathrooms.

    Voters in Virginia were asked to "tell us whether you support or oppose each of the following public school policies pertaining to transgender students." When it comes to allowing transgender students to participate "on sports teams alongside the gender they identify with, such as biological males identifying as female joining a biological female soccer team, or visa-versa," 52.2% of voters say they oppose the policy and only 29% support it.

    The Daily Wire first reported that officials at Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) appeared to cover up a sexual assault in order to preserve the policy of "gender neutral" bathrooms on campuses. On May 28, a 15-year old biological male sexually assaulted a 9th grade biological female in a gender neutral bathroom. Meanwhile, voters opposed that policy 48.3% to 38.9% even though only 44.8% indicated they were aware of the recent reports.

    Republican Glenn Youngkin, who is currently locked in a dead heat against Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the upcoming gubernatorial election, "called for an immediate investigation into the Loudoun County School Board for endangering our students and violating the Virginia Constitution."

    "When I’m governor, we’re going to take immediate action in regards to our kids’ safety," he tweeted. "Our kids cannot wait."

    Mr. McAuliffe has made some missteps on the issue of public education, which was cited as a top voting issue by respondents in the survey. Following a debate gaffe, The Daily Wire exclusively obtained footage showing Mr. McAuliffe evading a reporter peppering him about Loudoun County prosecutor Buta Biberaj, who campaigned with the Democratic candidate earlier this month. An obviously startled Mr. McAuliffe asked the reporter whether she was “vaccinated" as he avoided questions.

    Parental voters with children 18 and older were the least likely to support the policy, as 46.1% "strongly" opposed it and another 11.2% opposed it. Parents with school-aged children were also more likely to oppose the policy than voters without children of any age, at all.

    Voters also oppose transgender students competing for sports scholarships against the gender they identify with, such as biological males identifying as female competing against biological females for a track-and-field scholarship, by a wide 54.8% to 25.9% margin.

    When asked if they supported or opposed transgender students using locker and bathroom facilities with the gender they identify with, such as biological males identifying as female sharing locker rooms and bathrooms with biological female students, 53.5% opposed it and only 28.8% supported it.

    Lastly, the CD Media Big Data Poll in Virginia asked voters which came closer to their view on education. The widely accepted view of Critical Race Theory—or, the idea "children should be taught that the only way to overcome racism is to acknowledge U.S. society, laws and institutions are inherently racist and some are disadvantaged no matter what they do"—was chosen by just 21.9%.

    The idea that "children should be taught to be merit-based, racially color blind and capable of being whomever if they work hard, not that they are disadvantaged based on the color of their skin" was chosen by two-thirds of voters (66.1%).

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    The CD Media Big Data Poll in Virginia was sponsored by CD Media and conducted by Big Data Poll, interviewing 1,061 likely voters statewide via online survey panel from October 16 to October 20, 2021. The survey sampling error is ± 3.0% at a 95% confidence interval. Results were weighted to represent statewide voter file demographics to include gender, age, race and region. The partisan breakdown of the survey was 35.6% Democratic, 34.4% Republican, 22.8% Independent and 7.2% Other. It's important to note that sampling errors for subgroups are higher.

    DemographicSample %
    Party Detail100%
    Race Detail100%
    White (NOT Hispanic)70.30%
    Black / African American19.50%
    Hispanic / Latino4.20%
    American Indian / Alaska Native0.60%
    Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander0.40%
    D.C Suburbs29.60%
    Central Virginia16.40%
    Hampton Roads15.80%
    Richmond Southside17.80%
    Congressional District100%
    1st District: Rep. Rob Wittman (R)10.00%
    2nd District: Rep. Elaine Luria (D)8.50%
    3rd District: Rep. Bobby Scott (D)8.20%
    4th District: Rep. Donald McEachin (D)8.80%
    5th District: Rep. Bob Good (R)9.20%
    6th District: Rep. Ben Cline (R)9.20%
    7th District: Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D)10.70%
    8th District: Rep. Don Beyer (D)8.40%
    9th District: Rep. Morgan Griffith (R)7.90%
    10th District: Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D)10.40%
    11th District: Rep. Gerry Connolly (D)8.70%
    Age Detail100%
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