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    Patrick Byrne Declares John Brennan Behind Corruption In US Government

    December 13, 2021

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    Patrick Byrne lays out in this video his involvement in fighting the corruption inside the U.S. government.

    Byrne describes years of being used by the USG to perform certain tasks around the world which allowed him special insight into what is happening behind the curtain.

    He gives his reasoning for believing John Brennan is behind the entire scheme to destroy our republic. Byrne also declares he believes Brennan has blackmailed Barack Obama.

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    CDM Staff

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    Daniel F X Dravot

    A Communist, an Islamist, and a traitor walk into a bar.

    The bartender says: "What will you have, Mr. Brennan?"

    Eric Schrader

    Is it true that Brennan was the station chief in Saudi Arabia before 9/11 and he overrode the denial of visas to many of the Saudi hijackers, allowing them into the States to train to fly the jets.


    We (the US government) did 911. Look at WTC 7. Never struck by an airplane. Only had a few, localized office fires. Yet collapsed symmetrically into its own footprint, 40% of the way at freefall speed (i.e. impossible for a pancake collapse). Planes might have hit WTC 1 and 2, but weren't the cause of their collapse. All three were brought down via controlled demolition


    Yup. Confirms what I've thought since May 2017 when Brennan Lied to Congress about the Steele dossier and it's origins. He was never held accountable for that crime alone. The reason is, the intelligence gathers in CIA have so much information on everyone, Brennan simply blackmails anyone who stands in his way. Information is power and Brennan has more of it than anyone else in the world today.

    Old dude

    He had me until he said that Brennan black mail Obama. Their both die hard commies. They played the same page. The only difference being Brennan was a out of the closet commie. Obama hired him

    Heartland Patriot

    Sure, Biff, make excuses for that steaming pile of excrement known as Osama bin Laden, and his little jihadi buddies. Disgusting.


    Never did trust Brennan. Apparently there are statues of him on Easter Island.


    Look into it yourself before you criticize those who actually bothered to do the research.
    Sure, Osama may have provided the assets used to take down the planes but we LET it happen. Deliberately.


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