• Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene Suggests Again A 'National Divorce'

    December 30, 2021
    Image by Gage Skdmore

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    Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene today again raised the specter of a 'national divorce' between red and blue states. It's not the fist time she has asked the question if this is a viable way forward for America.

    She made the comments on her Telegram channel. Greene recently enjoyed polls which show her with an insurmountable lead in her home district for re-election.

    You know what is necessary about threatening a divorce?

    It’s a wake up call to the one offending the other that they’ve had enough.

    And if the other party cares at all, they look at what they are doing wrong and care to fix it.

    National Divorce is not civil war.

    Divorces happen in court or perhaps for a country can happen in Congress.

    I’ve been married 26 years, clearly I’m not in favor of divorce.

    Happy marriages are the result of 2 committed people working together resolving differences and changing behavior that hurts the other.

    But the state of our union is currently far from happy, and I really don’t care how many Democrats I offend by calling it out.

    For your information, you like our red states BECAUSE of our politics and it’s OUR Republican politics that create the very environments you like.

    So I will NOT apologize when I muse or discuss ideas that stop Democrat voters and donors, who are moving out of the sh*tholes they created with their Democrat votes and donations, from ruining GREAT red states by bringing your disastrous ideas and destructive votes with you.

    For your information, we Republicans don’t want your blue votes ruining our red home states!

    We don’t want high taxes, high crime, high amounts of perverse school curriculums, loss of freedoms, & AUTHORITARIAN big government in our red states!

    That’s what you Dems vote for!

    If you are so offended by my comments about #NationalDivorce then take a real hard look inward and ask yourself why it’s sadly such a popular idea with Republicans.

    We are serious about our freedoms and we feel very threatened by Democrats that constantly tread on them.

    I don’t want a National Divorce, but I not will tolerate is Democrat Communism.

    Leave your blue votes in your blue states.

    If you move to a red state, learn from your blue state experience that your Democrat ways failed.

    Then we welcome you.

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    I don't think red states need a "divorce" from blue states. We the people don't need to break apart our country in this way... this would be handing victory to the Communists. The kind of "divorce" we do need is a divorce from Congress and the premise of every-changeable law. Changeable law is the source of all corruption in every government system. The correct thing to do is to establish a Self-Protectorate to replace the U.S. Government so that laws are not permitted to change, and keep all the States together in the United States of America.

    Alej Marcos

    "Our" country is already broken apart, and the sooner TEXIT becomes effective, the better for us and for people in the seven southern states that have conferred with Texas government on the details.of secession.
    The author is absolutely correct... "divorce," secession, whatever the name, is NOT civil war, Yankee semantic propagandists' opinions to the contrary. Civil war is defined as two or more groups within a country vying for control of that country's government.
    The South, composed of sovereign States ( = countries) merely wanted to leave Washington behind... not conquer it.

    Charles Hall

    100% correct.


    100% STUPID!!!!


    I was liking her but this tells me she is just ‘Part of the Show’! She calls the democrats names and acts like she is a patriot. She is Not! Anyone calling for America to be broken in two for Any reason whatsoever, is a Traitor and IS working for the enemy! Why would we want to split(destroy) America and it’s power into two separate countries? Give half of The United States to people who steal elections and are the epitome of corruption! You can bet China is behind this. There would be Nothing standing in the way of world conquest by communism with only half of America standing against them! We don’t need a divorce! We need a Purge! Commies got to go!!!! ANYBODY calling for this is out to destroy America! Doesn’t matter who it is, Trump or Pelosi or Schumer or Margery Taylor Greene. If they want America split in two they want America destroyed!

    Alej Marcos

    " If they want America split in two they want America destroyed!"

    Has it occurred to you that America is already destroyed, and that the destroyers are from blue states ?
    Those people are not my countrymen, and the sooner they quit affecting our laws and way of life, the better.

    David Burgess

    The United States of America should expel the blue states. Allow non-registered democrats to relocate to other states within the Union. No registered democrats should be allowed to cross the border. If at some time in the future the people of the blue states remove the leftists from power, they can petition to be re-admitted to the Union for a probationary period to be determined at the time.
    The only other answer is to do a permanent D E E P cleaning of ALL liberals from all levels of the federal, state and local governments, plus the DOJ, and FBI.. They are a cancer to our republic, and without eradicating them entirely from any position of power, our Republic will not survive.

    Alej Marcos

    " The United States of America should expel the blue states."

    Good point, but Washington DC IS BLUE, and they're not going to pass legislation such as you suggest.

    "Deep cleaning." Reminds me of Mao Tae-Tung's maxim:



    She was just making a rhetorical statement. Conservatives have many divisions and muck stuff up too. That's why the most sophisticated types now identify as politically non binary.


    I recently heard that MTG is heavily invested in Pfizer. Does anyone know if that is true?

    Carl .S

    I spent over 21 years in the military to protect and defend the constitution and the American way of life, I spent most of my career over seas in Iran, Saudi Arabi, Persian Gulf, and dozens of other countries, I've had brothers in arms killed beside me knowing all we wanted to do was to do our job and go home, The loss of a brother in combat is closer than a blood brother. When I hear of politicians wanting to divide our beautiful country that so many have sacrificed there lives for I realize they don't know squat about sacrifice and duty and commitment, didn't you take a oath to up hold the constitution of the United states from all foreign and domestic enemies...have we actually gone this far to want to destroy the very foundation of this great nation!!!


    MTG is making a real observation and needs to be taken seriously.
    Constitutional protections may be suspended through declaration of a national emergency, and the country could be governed through emergency measures indefinitely if there is financial instability.

    Dr. Lecter

    At this point we have 3 choices: 1. A National Divorce. 2. Civil war. 3. Ignore everything happening around us and allow the Leftist "Dramacrats" to seize control and destroy America.

    If you can't see this coming, you're either willfully ignorant or an enemy of America.

    Like it or not, it coming. And staring it down with patriotic pro-America statements or praying to God isn't going to stop it. The choice is yours to die, to survive or to thrive.

    Alej Marcos

    Well and succinctly analyzed.

    Nicolas P Cignetti

    I wonder if she ever heard the phrase-------United we STAND, divided we FALL?????


    I think she is saying stay in your failed state. Don’t move to a successful and prosperous state to spread your cancerous policies thru the voting booth. Or in other words get your mind right and heal your marriage. I don’t think it can happen because most democrats are lost causes.


    I'm okay with a divorce but folks living in blue states MUST stay there. And we get the truck and guns. She can have the silver and the dishes.

    Greg the American

    Large numbers of people on both sides have what amount to incompatible views. The peaceful way out of this is national divorce. A second peaceful way out would be a reemphasis on federalism, but our Marxist friends on the left have no interest in this. The Soviet Union did this largely successfully (which is to say, without large scale war or nuclear incidents), and there are some interesting parallels in UK as well. It can be done. America under the left is not my country, sorry to say.

    Ben Colder

    I want a divorce the sooner the better I have had it.I don't even want visiting rights they can take all the spoiled rotten brats with them

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