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    Candace Owens Slams "You Just Want To Have Sex With Me" AOC

    January 1, 2022
    Candace Owens Slams "You Just Want To Have Sex With Me" AOC

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    Conservative firebrand Candace Owens slammed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez via Twitter over the Marxist activist's comments when confronted with her vacation to 'Free Florida' while her NYC jurisdiction is locked down hard over the fake Covid fear porn.

    Owens took issue with AOC's retort that 'Republicans are just mad they can't date me and have sexual frustration'.

    The hypocrisy of AOC vacationing unmasked in a free red state while pushing the globalist agenda for her own people is just priceless.

    You can read Owen's comment below.

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    I’m a healthy guy and when I see that poor, dim witted, egotistical empty shell, I am not feeling any sexual desires. Zero, none, zilch. Sorry, As a conservative, I admire intelligence.


    Give me 3 beers and four 80 proof shots (under an hour and two condoms) I'd give it a shot

    Jack Kemp

    And a bag for her head.


    Sorry Honey, I am not into fcking horses. To the poster that volunteered to do so with booze and bags...thank you for your service.


    I would rather have sex with my hand.


    Who would want to crawl into the sack with that disgusting bug-eyed lump of lard?


    Horse lovers everywhere.


    Anyone remember Horse Face Harry from Quick Draw McGraw, thatSam's his sister Horse Face Harriet


    Just checked my storied and somewhat dubious memories, and, NOPE, I have never once desired a horse-faced dope for a sexual partner.

    Mike J

    I can't imagine anyone with two brain cells having any desire for her. Just ain't happening.


    That would be twice the number of brain cells in her empty head.


    I wouldn't screw you with Joe Bietme's organ


    I wonder if she fantasizes about her "boyfriend" (boy toy) being a republican.


    When she's feeling particularly randy she has him wear a MAGA hat during the act


    She has a vibrating Fauci doll


    Sorry, I'll pass. Although my standards may be low, she doesn't even rise to that level.


    A mule eatin' briars is not considered a partner of any kind.


    That is hilarious. I’m not a man, so I can’t speak to OAC’s physical sex appeal. But the minute she opens her mouth...well her obvious and absolute stupidity spewing out as verbal vomit should quell any man’s sexual urges with an IQ over 50.


    aoc is a two bagger one for her head and one for yours, in case hers falls off


    No. Three Bagger. One for you, one for her, and one extra in case someone comes buy for emergency use 🙂


    AOC may not want to admit it but she is hitting the wall fast. If looks is most of what she has to offer, she better giddyup.


    typical bar whore,


    No thanks AOC. I don't even want to soil myself by looking at you or reading what you say, much less having sex with you.

    Larry Folds

    Perhaps she'll go back to bartending.

    Jack Kemp

    No, her co-workers didn't like her stealing tips.

    Frank McCarthy

    If this vacuous bug-eyed poseur would just shut-up. And watch me work it good!
    I would do the kind thing and bring her to "fruition' with Republican generosity !
    This is something she has been begging for so it seems.


    She is one sick puppy. So are the idiots who elected her. She is the poster girl for everything wrong in America. I'm sure the founding fathers are weeping in their graves.


    Proud woman who has a high opinion of herself. In another word a NARCISSIST. How else can you explain a Demoncrap?

    Dave Huff

    I'd turn gay before I'd hit that....


    ....once again Candace hits the nail right on the head and articulates perfectly what many of us are thinking. To be perfectly honest AOC is not a physically unattractive woman, but her personality and character are a disaster. Plus, she is not a real intelligent unit. Her comments were ridiculously childish for someone in her position.

    Candace on the other hand has the looks and the brains. Exquisitely articulate and clear thinking. Love Candace bigtime, she's a rock star in my book.


    The worst result of banging her is that you might have to listen to her afterwards.


    I mean, I suppose I would, but you'd have to consider Whoopi, Joy Brayhard and Nonesy Pelosi. Now, take Whoopi, for example, could you imag...I'm starting to get nauseous already so let's drop that one. Now Joy, just look at her, could you...no, no, let's not go down that road... And Nonesy Pelosi? Would you? Well, actually, maybe if you could get an inside tip on investing. But it wouldn't be because you wanted to.
    So, I mean, I guess I kind of could, when compared with these others.

    Oh, and don't get me started on Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee and H.R. Clinton.


    Well, she is kinda attractive.
    But when her mouth snaps open, it's like the shock moment of a grade B horror movie.

    David Petrie

    Wanting to f**k you up is not the same as wanting to have sex with you...


    This explains why the Left hates DJT. They want to have sex with him, but he has become a new and better man by being dedicated to Melania. The Left doesn't hate DJT. They are just sexually frustrated.


    She looks alright but she ain't a sex symbol, except to flakey, sexual ambiguous leftists hunkered down in a suburban basement watching CNN.


    Only a real masochist would even consider it. This creature is a scion of the cesspool of hell.


    I would guess that aside from all AOCs other faults (stupidity, arrogance) she is truly a slut! I'll bet she even got lousy tips as a barmaid (nothing wrong with being a barmaid, just a stupid one)!

    Ben Colder

    well look what it done for Ma Harris Aoc may be on to something Any RINO banging that will get her where she wants to be.Wonder how many RINOs it takes to screw a squad?

    Charles Lee Ray

    I dated her guys. The sex wasn't worth the corn dogs and tequila I had to shell out for.


    By the appearance of the moke that's with her it doesn't look like she had a lot of choices. At least she's honest enough to concede the Republican male interest wouldn't go further than a quickie.


    bwhahahahahahahhaah, the ego on this one! sweety, you might be pretty for a horse, but you are far from being desirable.


    LMAO! Dream on AOC. Who in the hell would want to date a un American weasel like you?
    You surely are no beauty as far as looks go and your intelligence level is so low. You can say good bye to having any kind of a decent conversation with you on any subject.
    Bottom line. You AOC, like your little miserable toxic squad are the worst type of women real men avoid to have a relation with period.

    tyrone o'saurus

    Hell, not even Hunter has hit her.


    AOC is so stupid she thinks Roe vs Wade are just two ways to cross the Rio Grand.

    Shaun Vader

    You guys are a bunch of Liars. If I met her in a night club I wouldn't ask what political party she belonged to.
    I would ask her what state she was born in. I would ask her about her favorite restaurant. I would ask surf or turf
    What type of movies do you like. I would ask her about her job. Does she have siblings. I would tell her some corny jokes.
    I would tell her stories about how wonderful my mom is. I would do a magic trick where it appears I summon a pencil to roll to me on magic commands. I would get out my magic coin and we would flip for who has to buy the next round and every time I will lose. I would talk to her in Spanish, I would text my German friend and have him call me in german. So that she could see me speaking still another language. I would play a romatic scene from a Russian chick flick and translate it from Russian into spanish for her. The scene ends where the guy looks into the womans eyes and says I could learn to love you. Peep your phone goes off. Sorry I have to be somewhere in a few minutes. I will be at ( expensive restaurant) tuesday at nine pm with some of my friends If your not busy your welcome to show up my rich friend always picks up the tab. LOL. Now stand up shake her hand it was nice meeting you and leave without even exchanging phone number. Leave a 20 for your bartender. She will be at the restaurant tuesday but she will bring a friend. Over time I can bring almost any woman to my way of thinking.


    My nephew was one of many who banged her while she was at BU. He says she was adequate.


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