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    Lawsuit Filed Against Board Of Ed In Virginia Exposes Risk To Westport, CT Schools

    January 7, 2022
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    Parents Ask Why Westport, CT Board Of Education Chairman Won't Recite Pledge Of Allegiance
    Westport, CT Board of Education

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    A lawsuit was recently filed by Virginia parents against the Albemarle County School Board for following policies and engaging in practices that are strikingly similar to those contemplated (and in many cases already implemented) by the Westport public school system. The lawsuit is filed by several families with children in the school district who cover a wide span of racial and cultural backgrounds. These plaintiffs allege significant personal, psychological and financial harm to the students and their families, who were negatively affected by these illegal policies and practices. They further seek to enjoin these policies and practices and seek compensatory damages. 

    We urge members of the Board of Education to review this lawsuit and instruct its legal counsel to do the same. The policies and practices asserted to be unlawful by the plaintiffs revolve around the Albemarle schools’ decision to implement an “Anti-Racism Policy.” Despite its name, this policy actually calls for a wide range of racist and discriminatory behavior that, according to the plaintiffs, violates a number of their civil and Constitutional rights. Westport schools have of course openly committed to new “anti-racist” policies in the mold of what is described in the lawsuit (relying for example on the terminology and interpretive frameworks of Critical Race Theory scholars like Ibram X. Kendi who are mentioned repeatedly in the Virginia suit). Per the lawsuit, the Albemarle school district’s use of the construct of racial equity further implicates the district in multiple violations of its pupils’ legal and civil rights: 

    The Policy also proclaims the existence of “equity gaps” (described earlier in the Policy as “significant disparities between racial groups”) which are blamed on “inequitable access to opportunities that have significant intergenerational effects and perpetuate economic, social, and educational inequity...”

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