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    Trump Stops Pushing Vaccines?

    January 16, 2022

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    President Donald Trump gave a powerful speech to an energized, massive crowd in Florence, Arizona last night as the Trump rallies return ahead of the Red Wave coming in November of this year to reclaim the republic from the illegitimate Biden* presidency.

    However, there was one glaring difference in Trump's speech -- he didn't push the vaccines.

    Instead, the former POTUS reminded the crowd of his successful push for effective therapeutics against the CCP virus, and the primacy of natural immunity in children.

    Trump was noticeably booed in a recent speech, and took criticism after an interview with Candace Owens, when he said everyone should get vaxed if they want to. His comments were most likely due to ego and POTUS having been fooled by Fauci and others around him as to the true purpose of the gene therapies called 'vaccines'.

    It seems the message has been received by Trump that the vaccines are killing the public.

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    T. Lawrence Shannon

    Took a while. Can't believe he was in the dark about the adverse events and deaths.


    Trump DOES hear the people. Bill O'Reilly made it an issue by bringing up the 'booster' shot to Trump -- that's when the boo's happened. Instead of helping Trump, the big clown, O'Reilly, helps him step in it. Trump is back on track!


    trump "it's a great vaccine" and biden, fauci should be hauled before the world court at the Hague for mass murder, the death count is between 150 thousand and 350 thousand


    Trump better stop pushing the clot shots.
    Nice finesse, he claimed gave Biden the tools to bring this "covid" thing under control. This is all Biden's baby now.

    The one tool Biden continues to reject is the true narrative about "covid; Biden still loves the lies because that is what bought him the White House after Nancy Pelosi tore up Trump's SOTU address and unleashed the hounds of "covid" hell in election year 2020.

    Dave Coleman

    Trump was (I believe) always skeptical of giving the vaccines to kids and has many times referenced how kids have strong immune systems that resist the China Virus. He also supported therapeutics and frequently mentioned them along with his push to develop a vaccine. However, I agree that he needed to stop extolling the virtues of the vaccines and I'm glad he has stopped making those comments. I wish he'd heeded the advice Dr. Scott Atlas gave him, but let's face it; Trump is not a doctor, was being fed misinformation by many of his trusted" advisors, and had a hundred other things to deal with as president. When he is re-elected (for the third time) he will be much wiser and much more forceful in rejecting bad advice.


    Trump is not that blind. He saw what we have been seeing, the massive death and injuries from the shots he pushed! So he says what y'all want to hear, and now it's okay???? Tell that to the families and loved ones of those who were killed or whose lives were destroyed by the gene transfer shot...hear what they think about it!
    I am one of those, and you won't get it until it happens to you. Trump has a lot of blood on his hands!
    There are none so blind as those who WILL NOT SEE what's right in front of them.


    Yeah sure you're one of those troll.


    Really. When did Trump 'push' vaccines? Encourage, recommend, suggest maybe. Never twisted any arms, belittled or threatened anyone to take the 'clot shot'.

    Bill Smith

    there's no such thing as contagion. Why doesn't everyone know this by now? Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Sam Bailey, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr.Amandha Dawn Vollmer, you know the doctors that have demonstrated beyond any doubt that contagion has never been proven to exist? Why are people still talking about viruses?


    So far, his 2024 campaign is: "Well, there are lots of Democrats who got vaccinated too." I'll vote for him if he runs because I have to but not because I want to.


    Trump needs to do more. He knows he was duped into buying WuFlu plandemic. Sadly his ego is getting in the way of admitting it. Being humble is not his strong suit. But he has to it. If he doesn't come clean. I guaranty commieKKKrats will try to blame him for every death commieKKKrats are responsible for.


    01.16.22 We are at war. War has causalities. Trump knew our country had to get back to work (people were programed for vaccines...but most of us did not understand mRNA injections which is not a vaccine).
    Nuremberg case has been filed. 45th, unfortunately mentioned he was so confident in these 'vaccines' he wanted to buy stock. 45th mentioned medicines to take. MSM, Facebook denied us and Drs sharing.


    Trump works for the Pilgrims Society. Not the American people.

    Nanky Jane

    I can believe Trump had bad advisors during covid. I can believe his ego was Fed by Warp speed advancement of vax. I can believe that Fauci played Trump lime a fiddle, laughing at him behind closed doors. Trump's Achilles heal is his ego and pride. He is effective at exposing deep state players and Rino's and trying to change the dynamics of Congress in 2022 for Anerica. Don't want him to run again. There are others who are qualified and aren't hampered with the bombastic ego. Besides Melania will never step back into the WH and I don't blame her. Looking forward to Trump's endorsement of the candidate for 2024.


    Good. It's a sign of intelligence to know when to back off.


    Nice workd, great job. Keep following your website


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