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    Westport, CT Parents Serve Notice Of Pending Lawsuit On Illegality Of Marxist Board Controlling Town Government, And Pushing Marxist Indoctrination In School System

    February 1, 2022
    Harold Bailey, head of 'Team Westport' since 2005, in violation of CT state law

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    A group of concerned parents in Westport, CT has been fighting the introduction of Marxist indoctrination into the Westport School System for sometime, as the Board of Education pushed an 'equity study' on the district, developed in concert with NYU.

    The parent group has launched a website to educate Westport residents on what is happening stealthily beneath the surface of the quiet, idyllic New England town, the cradle of liberty during the American Revolution.

    As the process unfolded over the last several months, members of WP06880 came to realize the driving force behind the imposition of the 'equity study', which is intended to install CRT, DEI, SEL (or whatever the current branding of cultural Marxism is) into its Schools, was a body called 'Team Westport;, which has apparently been operating illegally in violation of town and state code for years,. 'Team Westport' has grown in influence and now interjects its opinion in most town decisions, with weak town leadership going along in order to not be called 'racist'.

    It seems the parental group has now had enough, as the Board of Education moved to install CRT into Westport schools, and has sent letters to town officials threatening an immediate lawsuit. You can read the legal communication below in the downloadable PDF file.

    On August 2, 2005, the Westport Representative Town Meeting (the “RTM”) established the Committee and authorized the First Selectman to appoint members to it. Code of Ordinances, Town of Westport, Connecticut at §2-87. Since its establishment, the Committee’s membership has failed to satisfy the minority representation requirement and has included ineligible members. As a result, the Committee has conducted business in violation of the law, and in recent years, in absence of a quorum.

    Almost all of the members are registered Democrats. Accordingly, the Committee has been operating in violation of the law. All action taken by it is illegal and void.

    The Committee’s illegal action is compounded by the improper appointment of non-electors to serve as members on it. Only electors4 of the Town may be appointed to serve on elected or appointed boards and commissions of the Town. Charter at §C3- 1.A; see also §C1-3.B(1).

    Your predecessors lacked the legal authority to appoint non-electors to the Committee. Those appointments exceeded the scope of their authority and were illegal. Therefore, the appointments of Judith A. Hamer, Ph.D. of Redding, and Stephane J. Kirven, of Weston, are void ab initio. These improper appointees should be removed from the Committee immediately.

    Additionally, individuals who have ceased to be electors of the Town continue to participate in Committee business. A member’s appointment automatically terminates when he or she ceases to be an elector of the Town, and thereupon the office becomes vacant. Charter at §C3.1. D.

    Demand is hereby made that you:

    1. immediately advise the nine (9) members identified above that they are no longer eligible to serve on the Committee;
    2. immediately advise all town officials that all prior action of the Committee is to be considered void, since the Committee composition violated §C3.2 of the Town Charter and Conn. Gen. Stat. §9-167a; and,
    3. immediately advise the remaining five (5) members of the Committee that, at this time, the Committee lacks a quorum to meet and cannot conduct business until you have brought the membership of the Committee into compliance with the Charter and state law.













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