• Nancy Pelosi Gives Ukrainian Nazi Salute For Zelenskiy From Speaker's Seat - "Slava Ukraina!"

    March 16, 2022

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    U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi today gave the Ukrainian Nazi Salute, taken from WWII Banderist brigades in West Ukraine, who murdered tens of thousands of undesirable Poles and Jews during the conflict.

    "Slava Ukraina!", she declared. Or to translate, Glory to Ukraine!, Glory to the Heroes!

    This slogan has been decried in Ukraine as enablement of the ideology of mass murder.

    2022 is full of shocking surprises isn't it?

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    It is not a Nazi salute. Read the history.


    oh yes it is, read the history


    Oh give a groupie a break. Different language, different way to salute but still NAZI none the less. No Groupie, not everyone on the globe speaks the same language or use the same exact jestures.

    Peter Greco

    How disgusting that our "leaders" are so corrupt and anti-American.


    You forgot pathetically stupid.

    Gerard Frederick

    Bandera was anything but a Nazi. He was a purely Ukrainian nationalist. As far as his actions in the western part of his country go, good for him. The people whom he eliminated were, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, openly declared enemies of his country, deserving their fate; too bad he wasn´t more efficient.


    Thanks for proving our point better than we could have done ourselves.

    C S

    Watch the documentary "Ukraine on Fire" by Oliver Stone. You will be educated like anyone who is about what Bandera was-- A true Nazi such a good one that the German Nazi's thought he was too much of idealist.


    One correction - the number of Poles, Jews and other undesirables slaughtered by the UPA of Bandera was no less than 100,000 by the most conservative estimates. Their savagery even surpassed the Germans.

    Jerry Mander

    Re: Pelosi, Where's this Bandera dude now that we really need him?


    pelosi is APIECE OF SHIT. Her son like biden son and others is involved in money laundering operation in uKraine


    Zelenskiy's main mistake is calling Joe Biden is a leader. Senile little girl fondling Biden could not lead a two car parade.


    I watched the clip. There was no Nazi salute.


    'Slava Ukraina' is the Banderist Nazi verbal salute...


    That is no "nazi salute."


    You need to do your research and stop slurping up what CNN and other traitorous garbage media is telling you.
    These morons are the same moron's who pushed a so called" vaccine" which is an mRNA genetic shot that will "cure" you and prevent transmission.
    You know, the "masks save lives" bullshit.
    You know, ,the " get the shot if you want to resume life again" bullshit.
    And now these losers are defending the corrupt cesspool of Ukraine ( not the Ukrainian people).
    I wonder why our traitorous " representatives" are now pushing this "Putin is bad Long live Ukraine" garbage?
    It's because they all have asset's there and now Putin is cleaning it up.
    He stated MANY time's that's he's taking out the neo Nazis.
    Look up the Azov militia, do your research and stop being so ignorant.
    Connect the dots of corruption tying to Biden, Clinton, Soros and more.
    You are the reason why so many fall for this garbage and why so many are part of the decline.


    So saying "glory to my country" is now Nazi? Who gives a crap about WW II? Are you guys being paid by Putin? Putin is KGB all the way. I guess when Taiwan gets invaded we shouldn't help them because they're not ideologically pure enough. I used to be MAGA all the way but this shit from people like Banning and Tucker is making me rethink things.


    'Blue' Boy: Nice try but mimicking a long-known Banderist salute which was outlawed in Ukraine until Biden's boy Poroshenko changed it, is parroting Nazi propaganda. Perhaps you should listen to more of the 'shit' Bannon and Tucker are saying and you wouldn't be 'blue', or should we say, uninformed.


    It was outlawed by the soviets. I wonder why.


    It’s “Banning’ he was a MAGA remember. “Banning and Tucker” are about the best conservatives going now as many are afraid to speak because the NAZIS will Punish them! There are huge numbers of Nazi sympathizers in the US. ANTIFA is absolutely Full of them. Just because people tell you one thing and do another doesn’t make their words more True than their actions, it is actually the direct opposite.


    No sir….no one makes you rethink except yourself. Don’t blame others for what’s in your heart.

    I do my own thinking, read history, come to my own conclusions. Ever wonder Lindsey Graham, Sean Hannity, Hillary Clinton, George Soros….who vocally oppose each other….are now saying the same thing regarding Russia?

    Ever read up on the Donbas region and what the Ukraine military has done there for years to the Russian people who live there?

    Why would Mit Romney lie about bio labs, when official news of their existence came out?

    Why all the finger pointing when we don’t even care about life in our own country? People get mad when we put up Anti-abortion laws….law trying to be passed in Maryland allowing for newborns to be killed 2 weeks after being born…..

    …..but you’re starting to change your mind?!? Go on with you.


    Pelosi may be an evil witch with no limits to her wickedness, but honest reporting without emotional exaggeration is needed.
    She waved her arm. Get over it.


    It's not the arm waving, it's what she said, which is a long-known Banderist salute for a movement that massacred tens of thousands. And no, we won't get over it.


    Saying glory to your country is not nazi. You won't get over it because you love the Soviets who outlawed the salutation.


    You ignorance is astoundingly unsurprising.

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