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    CDM Big Data Poll: Trump Takes Large Lead Over Biden In Georgia

    May 14, 2022

    Support for Joe Biden Plummets in the Peach State

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    The CD Media Big Data Poll in Georgia finds former President Donald Trump holds a large lead over President Joe Biden in the Peach State, 46.4% to 35.3%. Of those who voted in 2020, Trump leads Biden 47.5% to 36.9%.

    "Joe Biden is now extremely unpopular in the state of Georgia,” Big Data Poll Director Rich Baris said. “He was the first Democratic nominee to carry the state since Bill Clintonin 1992, but now voters would rather see the 45th President back in office."

    “Minority voters have shifted considerably toward Donald Trump since 2020 and the drop in support among white voters for the current president has been devastating."

    ”By race, white voters overwhelmingly support the 45th President, 61.9% to 22.0%, and there are serious signs of fracture among Democrats’ strongest voting blocs. Only 61.0% of black voters back the 46th President. Former President Trump is earning 15.6% from black voters.

    Worth noting, Trump is outperforming Republicans on the Generic Ballot among black voters. As CD Media previously reported, Republicans lead Democrats overall 47.2% to 40.4%, but only draw 13.9% support among the second largest voting bloc statewide.

    The same is true among Hispanic voters in Georgia. While they appear to be trending toward Trump and the GOP ahead of the midterms—slightly backing Republicans 43.8% to 43.4% on the Generic Ballot—Hispanic voters in the state would support Trump by a wider 47.0% to 41.9% margin.

    Asian voters continue to back Democrats, 48.6% to 31.2%, and Biden over Trump, 43.7%to 31.6%.

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    By area, Biden leads Trump only among urban voters, 52.3% to 25.1%. Trump leads Biden among rural voters, 60.6% to just 20.4%, and in the suburbs by 10 points, 46.8% to 36.7%

    .“Given the higher percentage of undecided voters in urban Georgia, specifically the Atlanta Metro Area, it’s not unreasonable to predict Biden’s overall support would be higher on Election Day,” Baris added. “The major problem for him is that undecided voters everywhere else are demographically less favorable to him.”

    “Put bluntly, it’s much easier for Trump to reach a winning plurality, and even likely he would carry the state with an outright majority.”

    By region, even the Atlanta Metro area has soured on Biden, while Trump leads in the Atlanta Suburbs 44.1% to 39.1%. The largest margin is in Central Georgia, where Trump leads 51.8% to 34.3%.

    The CD Media Big Data Poll in Georgia interviewed 1,519 likely voters statewide via Peer-to-Peer SMS to an online survey panel from May 8 to May 11, 2022. The survey sampling error is ± 2.5% at a 95% confidence interval. Results are weighted to representational voter file demographics in the state to include gender, age, race and region.The likely voter screen includes vote history and self-reported likelihood to vote. It’s important to note that sampling errors for subgroups are higher.



    CDM Staff

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    Zola Holt

    The main problems are Voter Registration Fraud and Vote Counting Fraud - not Voter Fraud. Biden 'won' with fake votes from fake people, dead people, non-residents, non-citizens and real citizens whose votes were stolen..


    Regarding the Georgia election:
    Remember the words of Josef Stalin, Dictator of the Soviet Union during WWII:
    "Those who Vote are Nothing, Those who Count the Vote are Everything."


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