BREAKING: El Paso County, CO Fails Machine Logic And Accuracy Testing For GOP Primary Recount

July 29, 2022

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This story is developing...

El Paso County, CO election bureau has just failed its voting machine Logic and Accuracy Testing for the GOP primary recount.

60% of the votes in the primary recount are reported to have gone to adjudication, or in other words, over half the votes were to be decided by someone else, not the original voter.

Sources report that Dominion employees 'programmed' the machines before the recount. The configuration should have been the same as for the original vote.

We will report more as we get it...

Below is a recent letter by a canvassing board member in the jurisdiction, refusing to certify the election.

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    What a scam. Let me guess...the votes were awarded to the RINO, anti-trump candid!

    Michigan J Frogg

    But..but..but we were assured over and over again that there wasn't ANY voter fraud going on...s/.

    Ben Colder

    Colorado elections have been rigged for the last fifteen years that is how the dem/communists have taken over this State.If you vote RINO your vote does not count it goes to some Rino that no one has heard of or one the so called county republican party has picked the regular republican man or woman has no say in who runs the committee or decides and it is all ways some one no one has heard of or no one likes its a rigged fuck off .The dem/communists can vote in the so called republican primary which is also fixed Yep it works for the dem/communists here and I reckon that is pretty much how they threw the election when Trump ran . Now they are going to do it nationally .


    How peculiar not one single Top Line Candidate won in El Paso County, but rather the establishment candidates. The current County Clerk is compromised and in bed w/ the former (either AG or SoS, can't remember), Williams (who brought Dominion to Colorado & is a "consultant"), both men of whom are fraudster-machine lovers and liars. It's all about their money grabbing and power... Broerman & Williams are disgusting.


    Everyone with an IQ above their shoe size knows that the 2020 presidential election was rigged.
    Nasty Pelosi knows the election was rigged.
    Chuck U. Schumer knows the electrion was rigged.
    Shithead Schiff knows the election was rigged.
    The cheating, crooked DemocRATs know the election was rigged.
    The true American people know the election was rigged.
    The fake news lame stream left-wing lying media knows the election was rigged.


    democrats cheat. They always cheat. Everyone knows they cheat. They stuff the ballot boxes with forged and fake documents. democrats cheat. The judiciary knows they cheat but do nothing. The republicans know democrats cheat but do nothing. The Republic is lost.


    God Bless the United States of America and God Bless Donald Trump.

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