• Biden’s Labor Chief Promotes Worker Replacement, Says Immigrants Are ‘Only Way’ to Fill Jobs

    September 2, 2022
    Image by US Department of Labor

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    The Democrat party’s pick for Secretary of Labor says CEOs are being victimized by a shortage of immigrant workers.

    Companies want to hire another 11 million people, Labor Secretary Marty Walsh told Fox News on September 2, adding:

    If those 11 million jobs had to be filled tomorrow, we certainly don’t have enough people in the United States to fill those jobs … the issue of workers has to be addressed and the only way [emphasis added] you can do it is through immigration.

    “When I talk to CEOs from companies all across America, they’re all in favor of immigration reform,” he said, “they’re all in favor of pathways — of visas — for people coming into the United States working and we’re going to have to have that real serious conversation because at some point it will begin to impact our economy...”

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    Lying POS.. they are killing small businesses… they work for shit because they live 50 to a house/apartment! F*cling disgrace!


    So fire this liberal fool and put a mexican illegal in his place, can't be any worse than a liberal.

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