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Bannon Doesn’t Want To Compromise With ‘The Great Reset’, He Wants To Defeat It

Bannon Doesn't Want To Compromise With 'The Great Reset', He Wants To Defeat It
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Steve Bannon led the charge at Turning Point USA’s Defeating The Great Reset conference yesterday in Phoenix, Arizona. The sold out event is continuing today.

The conference took aim at the World Economic Forum, purveyors of the concept that “you will own nothing, and be happy,” reported The Post Millennial.

“Every patriot grave from the founding of this republic, to what happened in Kabul, looks at us, and demands of us, that we defeat this,” roared Bannon.

“Here’s how we’re gonna defeat it, part one, we’re going to build an army of the awakened.

“You’re the backbone of this country, I’m just another grunndoon, and have the easiest job in the world,” declared the host of War Room Pandemic, the most powerful political show around at the moment.

“They added four and a half trillion dollars to the Federal Reserve, to bail themselves out, and took interest rates to zero, and crushed working class people, crushed the middle class.

“Zero point five percent of the citizens of this country own more than than 90%. This happened under Obama’s watch, the most progressive president in American history? Pardon my French, but bullshit.”

“It is the Trump movement, It is MAGA, that has had the stones to make sure we try to turn this country around.

“Since we are the new Jerusalem…Trump is an instrument of divine providence…because these demons and devils in the City of London, Davos and Wall Street…that’s who our opposition is. This is spiritual warfare.”

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Katheyn Schultz September 17, 2022 at 5:27 pm

God bless and protect Steve Bannon!


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