REPORT: Bolsonaro Shows Huge Early Lead, But Sees It Disappear As Statistically Impossible One-Way Vote Dumps Put Lula Ahead

October 2, 2022

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CDMedia Contributor Matthew Tyrmand gives a 'play by play' on Gettr for today's election in Brazil. Tyrmand believes what happened late in the day is impossible and election fraud is taking place via the voting machines.

See the progression of his reports below:

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    The left does not like opposition so they fix the votes.

    Robert Miller

    WoW,this sounds eerily familiar? Maybe they took their lead from the DNC here in the States?


    So, the right gives them the benefit of doing so.


    We are watching Brazil’s election get stolen, like the rest of the world watched the U.S. 2020 election get stolen. And isn’t that what Smartmatic was designed to do?


    Yup. And a preview of the midterms and 2024 elections. Laws only good when have a law-abiding government in place. We don't have that any more.

    Bryan S


    Rosanne Choate

    Shameful, but these stolen elections are brazenly occurring. They've said the only way we can prevent fraud is by showing up in person to vote in the red tidal wave. No mail ins. Postals proved in 2020 they can't be trusted with mail ins anymore.


    Those Smartmatic machines are such "labor savers". You don't even have to vote, it casts your vote for you!


    Brazil and ‘Merica both need to turn the damn power off on Election Day - paper ballots only, one ballot per registered voter. Someone just flip the breaker please!


    All elections depending on machines are corrupt.


    I guess Balsonaro really is like Trump.


    All machine voting needs to be dumped around the world... digital is WAY to easy to hack and manipulate, and its obvious thats JUST whats being done around the globe.


    They are "LITERALLY" using the same tactic as the 2020 elections in the the USA. Except they streamlined and softened the dump of votes a little. But. it's still freaking noticeable, This can't statistically be happening and the crooks will win and then they go to radio silence as they establish their power quickly and squash any news of cheating.


    the thing is worse than you imagine: this has already happened in Brazil before Trump, in 2014, Aecio vs Dilma (Lula's puppet)...


    Same thing as happened in 2020 U.S. vote. All you had to do was watch the NYTimes website's vote tally add up. It was obvious.


    Who knew that Brazil also has Democrats? What a surprise.


    Are you naive? The cia has been throwing elections worldwide for many decades, perhaps over 100 years !


    Shades of 2020.


    So much chaff to be burned up for foolish mem who think God is not watching.


    Seems to always be watching but never doing anything. While everyone waits for intervention.


    Then they will claim anyone who contests it is a criminal. That’s their way. You’re not allowed to speak about their corruption.


    Sounds like Brazil hired the Democrat Party to run their election.

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