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CAUGHT ON TAPE: Paid ‘Mark Kelly for Senate’ Staff Member Reveals Campaign Deception Strategy to Win Over ‘Independents’ and ‘Moderate Republicans’ in Arizona ... ‘Play Both Sides’ ... ‘Say Mark Kelly is Pro-Life’ Even Though ‘He is Not Pro-Life’


[PHOENIX – Oct. 25, 2022] Project Veritas Action released a new video today exposing a paid staff member of Senator Mark Kelly’s re-election campaign, Evynn Bronson.

Bronson is recorded telling an undercover PVA journalist how to win over votes for Kelly by deceiving Arizona voters on policy issues:

Bronson: He [Mark Kelly] definitely tried to do a lot.

PVA Journalist: Even though you think he’s gonna do them anyways.

Bronson: Yeah. Yeah, for sure.

PVA Journalist: Why doesn’t he just say them?

Bronson: Because he has to play both sides. 40% of the people voting are undecided whether or not they’re going to vote Republican or Democrat.

PVA Journalist: So, you think he just needs to say that to get votes?

Bronson: Well, he’s not going to say anything outright about what he’s going to do unless it will garner support from independents and some of the moderate Republicans.

PVA Journalist: Because he needs them?

Bronson: Well, yeah. He needs them otherwise he won’t win.

PVA Journalist: Oh, so if he outright said it, then he wouldn’t win?

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Bronson: It would scare people away.

When discussing abortion, Bronson told the PVA journalist to lie to certain voters about Kelly’s position:

PVA Journalist: I was thinking, okay, what if I came across a Republican who was like –okay, let’s say they’re pro-life and they ask me if Mark Kelly is pro-life?

Bronson: Yes.

PVA Journalist: Say yes?

Bronson: I would say Mark Kelly is pro-life, but also pro-keeping the government out of our healthcare.

PVA Journalist: Okay.

Bronson: I don’t know, something stupid like that.

PVA Journalist: Even though he’s not pro-life.

Bronson: Absolutely he is not pro-life.

PVA Journalist: Okay, good.

Bronson: And then I’d go to something like, “You know, after his wife was in a shooting, he values life so much. It’s just a shame.”

PVA Journalist: What would you stay away from saying? You know, to get them to vote for Mark Kelly.

Bronson: Like, as a Republican?

PVA Journalist: Yeah.

Bronson: I wouldn’t say any -- I wouldn’t say [he is] pro-choice.

PVA Journalist: Even though he is, right?

Bronson: Even though he is.

Arizona voters will choose their next Senator in early November -- in the contest between the incumbent Democrat candidate, Mark Kelly, and Republican candidate, Blake Masters.

Abortion has been a top issue in this race and in several other key races across the country.

At the time of this publication, Project Veritas Action has not heard back from the Kelly campaign on a request for comment.SHOW LESSAllListenableRelatedRecently uploaded

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