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    BREAKING EXCLUSIVE - KEYSTONE BIG DATA POLL - Oz Ahead by 2%, Shaprio Ahead By 4.4%

    October 29, 2022
    Pennsylvania State Seal with Arch, Keystone Type Foundry, 1906

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    Big Data Poll just released the results of a new poll in Pennsylvania. CDMedia has the exclusive data below.

    Oz Takes the Lead for U.S. Senate Post-Debate

    Republican Mehmet Oz now leads Democratic Lt. Governor John Fetterman for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania by just over two points, 48.4% to 46.2%. That’s a roughly 5-point reversal from our last poll when Fetterman led Oz 43.8% to 40.0%.

    Oz Benefits from Fetterman’s Historically Bad Debate Performance

    More than 6 in 10 (63.4%) likely registered midterm general election voters say they watched or saw the two candidates debate for U.S. Senate. Of these voters, Republican Mehmet Oz was the clear winner. When asked, 63.2% say Oz won the debate, while 25.8% driven almost exclusively by partisans say Fetterman won.

    Shapiro Leads Mastriano for Governor

    Democratic Attorney General Josh Shapiro leads Republican Senator Doug Mastriano for Governor, 48.7% to 44.3%. That’s also a change since Shapiro held a statistically insignificant lead over Mastriano, 43.9% to 43.2%, in September.

    Generic Ballot

    Congressional Republicans lead Congressional Democrats on the Generic Ballot 49.0% to 45.6%, a slight tightening from our last survey showing Republicans leading 49.6% to 43.8%.

    However, it’s worth noting that this is not driven by persuadable voters, but rather Democrats consumed by abortion returning to the fold.

    Trump Leads Biden in 2024 Rematch

    The former president continues to lead the current president, 47.3% to 43.9%. In our last poll conducted in September, Trump led Biden 46.6% to 40.0%. However, once again, we saw Democrats return home while the former president won over more swing voters with remorse.

    The polling results and details are below:














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    CDM Staff

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    Rahul Gupta

    Big Data Poll is the best polling firm in town. I can't even think of another pollster as transparent as Rich Baris, who literally has done 300 podcasts on youtube giving insider information on his and others' polling.


    C'Mon guys...don't you have a proof reader?


    Thank you for your comment. The world needs grammar Nazi's too. We are a small team and sometimes make mistakes yes. However, there is a donate button at the top to help us hire more editors. Thank you for your support!


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